August 13, 2010

Another Week Comes to a Close

Summer is speeding along and has been hotter and more humid than usual this year.
It will be summer until 3:09AM on September 23rd,when, magically, the fall equinox will turn the season around and autumn will be here.
Acorns, pumpkins , red and gold replace the pinks , blues and deep green of summer.
Still, all gorgeous in its own right.

Autumn reigns until December 21st with the arrival of the Winter solstice and the cold gray glittering days of winter months . Is the sky ever as clear and sparkling as in the depths of the wintery chill? Only winter can glitter like she does, a white diamond against a dark gray background.
Winter yeilds to Spring on March 20, 7:21 P.M. as she pushes her way out of her hiding place. Stretching her tiny green shoots into the waning winters skies she looks for all the world like a child whose fingers peek round the door jam announcing her arrival before she pokes her head in to say "Hi!".

So the years turn and move along for us each season keeping something old, bringing something new and surprising . And we are surprised , aren't we? Wow, how hot it is. Wow, how cold! Wasn't that some storm?
Each summer we long for fall, and in fall we think of winter with its cozy fires and snow. When snow comes we dream of spring but spring makes us long for the lazy, hazy days of summer.
I think the point is we love the whole year. We love to talk about the seasons, plan for them, hope for them, decorate with them and enjoy the heck out of each one.

Bloggers change the look of their sites with each season and holiday as they redecorate the web as they would their homes. I love it! Something new and exciting for us to see. Do they know its a gift to those who come to their blogs? It is you know.
Reading blogs is like making the rounds in the morning or evening to see old friends and sit 'round their kitchen table for a little spell , cup in hand , hearing the goings on of the day, sharing joys and hardships , tears, laughter. What a circle of friendship it really is.
When I go to a blog that has a "front door" I feel like I am at a real door about to enter , be greeted and sit down to hear their news. Its like being part of the family in a way.
"Hey! come in. We were expecting you! Sit down, let me tell you about my day and get your input on things".
Magical. We are friends now with people all over the world. How tiny that world has become but how wonderful. A sorority of kindred spirits I think.

Enjoy the weekend, enjoy the rest of summer, enjoy looking forward to the rest of the year, the rest of life. Savor each and every moment because they only come once.

" Three keys to more abundant living: caring about others, daring for others, sharing with others."...William Arthur Ward


  1. What a lovely post Annie;

    I too feel like we online friends are truly kindred spirits as we share our lives, photos, laughter and yes, even sorrows. I think about all of you every day and wonder how your days went when most of you don't post. It's slmost like, "Gee my friend isn't home today!" When you do post, it makes my day a happy one. Thank you for being my friend. ;-} Hugs

  2. Before using WordPress, I used to decorate my blog every 2 weeks or more often. I used Dreamweaver so it was basically like a website- inline frames, etc... I miss those days. I actually have a front door, too, but I don't think anyone uses it and it's probably even wrong season graphics. But it's here: I'm curious now so will have to go visit my own front door. (((Hugz)))

  3. Hi Annie,
    I do enjoy blogging even tho sometimes it feels like work to find something to post about everyday. After I stopped posting on weekends it felt a lot easier. I also have a front door but I don't think anyone uses it since I went to word press. We are still seasonable cool. This weekend the temp edged up s little to hig 80's.
    Have a wondeful week :)
    Hugs, Dru


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