September 1, 2010

Earl's Close Up

hurricane warnings are up.

Oh Mercy!
I live right on the coast and this is a-comin' my way.

Category 4 Earl.
I never did like that name!
Time to batten down the hatches.

Ocean temperature is 76°F , warm, not good. Warm water powers up hurricanes. As Earl goes northward and Atlantic temperatures drop it will lose some power. Hopefully it will lose power once out of the 80°F temps of the more southern waters too.
Hopefully it will disappear right now and do no one any harm.
Waves today are at 3 feet , nothing. But farther down south they were up to 30 feet as Earl whipped up his mess.
We have bad rip currents going on and people are advised to stay out of the water.
I will have to put the lawn furniture in the shed so it won't blow through my little house.


  1. Im watching Earl folks live up there. Stay safe and I hope Earl gets tired out before he gets to you.

  2. Hi Annie,
    Scary stuff. I have never experienced a storm of anykind. Just hear about them. Hope all is well with you and you did not get hit!
    Hugs, Dru

  3. Hi Annie! Definitely a scary one headed your way! What is your normal water temps in the summer? The Pacific near us is a lot cooler- rarely above 70- mostly in the 60's. Justin wears a "spring suit"- not a full wetsuit- even in the summer when surfing. I don't care for the name either... I keep thinking hearing that silly, "My name is Earl" from the TV series. Take care and keep us posted! (((Hugz)))


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