October 19, 2010

Showers by Night

It rained, poured last night for hours. I could hear it for a long while after going to bed. Not from this very nice shower arrangement but from nature.. from the sky of course.
After a very dry summer I suppose we need it. I hope this isn't a portent of a watery or snowy winter ahead.  I want a warmer winter this year.
Isn't this shower wonderful?
We didn't have a shower when I was growing up. We had a Victorian claw foot tub. Something most people love today. They are deep,  you can slide down and be immersed in them. And, while they are cool, I remember having my first real shower after moving out of my parents house and how refreshing and wonderful it was.
We had a shower when I was very young and though it was also a Victorian tub in my grandparents home, it had a large shower head over hanging it. But when we moved into the house on the hill, the bathroom was tiny and had no real room for a shower.
This one looks especially wonderful.
The bottom one is cool. Indoors I think it would be nice like this  too.

I should change my signature below to something more autumny, but I love the little guy in this.  


  1. Hi Annie! Those are interesting shower/tubs! We have a rain head in our downstairs shower. Jeff likes it but I need more water pressure for washing my hair. Did you see DWTS last night? I think Bristol needs to go. (((Hugz)))

  2. Hi Annie;

    That's a fantastic shower & tub. Nowadays I just use a shower. With my bad knees I'm not able to sit in a tub anymore. But I do enjoy looking at all the new bath setups on the HGTV channel. I too grew up in a home with just a tub. We didn't have rain last night but I woke up to frost. Have a lovely evening my friend. :) Hugs

  3. Ooooooh...the delicious wonderfulness of the showers !
    do so adore the beachfront one...aaaahhhhh...
    The rain was quite serious about doing its job last night...
    it made for a very dark beginning to my early morning primping ,
    but all was sunny and lovely this afternoon .
    Thank you for a nice visit..love coming here !

  4. Hi Annie,
    We didn't have a house with a shower until 1963 when I was 13 and my parents bought their first house in the Valley. I love the second picture of the showwe with the view. Dreamy for sure. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Hugs, Dru

  5. Hello Annie, what great shower & tub. We have three bathrooms in our house & all have bathtub/showers, the master suite one has a whirlpool bath with hand held shower & there's a rain shower separately. I love it!
    I hope your weather improves, hopefully winter will be better than last year for you.


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