December 7, 2010

Sick Day

   I have the flu, or a very nasty cold or some kind of hideous plague, complete with sore tonsils , headache, fever and other assorted indignities to the human body.
Well its December 7th.. Pearl Harbor day and I also have been sneak attacked by the enemy.
Colds and I don't go well together as what is a  little common cold for one person usually degenerates into quinsey, strep throat or asthmatic bronchitis for me. I hate it and I try to avoid it like the plague but with small ones around in the family that isn't always possible to do. So I am keeping watch on the throat.
So here I am, plotzed by the computer feeling sorry for myself.
It's chanukah! I can't be sick. I am the official candle lighter of the family. I am the latke (potato pancake) maker and the sufganiot (jelly donuts) maker. The Famous Anonymous kid has declared this an official disaster.
I am postponing the last day of Chanukah until I am well. Can I do that? Well I don't care if I can or not,  I am. I mean, I will light  the menorah    on the last real day but I am going to do it  up again.. I will not be denied! No one can stop me. The kid is counting on this. Sigh, grrrr..
So as I stuff the Echinacea, Golden Seal and vitamin C and endless cups of tea with honey and lemon into my face, I hope for the best.
All I can say is YUK.
But its a semi sunny, day and so far the skies are vivid blue, though the weather tells me cloudy. What do they know!
 They are always wrong anyway.

I thought I might try Toni's word association so here it is:

1.Twitter :Birds
2.Facebook :No, not yet.
3.MySpace :too cramped !
4.Friend : ship
5.Subscribe : Vanity Fair, Victoria
6.Conflict : Resolution
7.Ignore : Pain
8.Drama : Radio Mystery Theatre
9.Hide : leather
10.List : shopping

Have a lovely Tuesday and thank  you for the Chanukah wishes and the lovely Thanksgiving greetings.


  1. Dear Friend ,
    So sorry to hear you're feeling yukky...,t'aint fair !
    Time for a consultation with Dr.Ayne...chicken soup , potato steam , bed rest , devoted family members to attend and spoil you , etc .
    Make those bad bugs go away ! Now !
    P.S. - Don't forget the Vick's on the soles of the feet

  2. Oh Annie, I'm sorry you're sick. It IS an official disaster when there will be no latkes! We've postponed Thanksgiving so I don't see why you can't postpone the special Chanukah meal. I had both boys here today and they both had runny noses and I'm just getting over the remaining cough from their last germy invasion. Take care- sounds like you're taking all the right stuff. Throw in a little chicken soup for good measure! (((Hugz))

  3. Hi Annie,
    I am so sorry you have the flu :( I swear by flu shots, I have not been sick for over 7 years! I do know of course you can a different strain of a flu even after getting a flu shot. Oh no latkes!! I sure hope you feel better soon. Take care. Hugs!

  4. Hi Annie;

    I feel for you my friend. It's no fun being sick especially during the holidays. I went through that two weeks ago I agree with Katy.. Chicken soup and bed rest and especially devoted family members to attend and spoil you. Great advice from her Dr. Ayne ;-}

    I liked your answers better than mine on the Unconscious Mutterings. I usually write first before I think about it. LOL!

    Take care and get well soon. Hugs

  5. I hope you are well soon. My husband always ends up with a bad cough and having to get on antibiotics when a cold hits. I'm usually much luckier. I'm more and more healthy as I get older for what ever reason.

  6. Hi Annie, sorry you're feeling so rotten, I hope you get better very soon. The herbs are always helpful, it's great to read about someone else using herbs too. Grapefruit seed extract should help too as it's an antibacterial. Take it easy!


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