February 9, 2011

"Get the Look"

I am all for good fashion but when photos are published with a "Get the Look" section to them you would think that the fashions would be ones that someone might want to emulate.  Well,  wouldn't you?

While she may be the sweetest girl on earth, this Vampire bride look isn't something anyone should mimic.
Dark red lipstick on her pale, pale face give an otherworldly  look.
She seems in need of a transfusion.
She is straight out of Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride.
The dress, while interesting in a Salvation Army way has  some possibilities for an imaginative person with scissors and a good sewing machine.
But it   looks  ages old. The color looks dirty.Maybe like someone just dragged themselves out of their dirt lined coffin?
Ugh. just Ugh. No I do not wish to "Get the Look".

Am I wrong? I see the resemblance...........................................
The Corpse Bride.

Next is this New Age Moutain Man look.
Umm, when that thing hanging round her neck revives he is going to one angry dude.
Love the mini Firestone tires on her wrist.
Are those pants made from plastic bags?

What is she hiding in that baggy crotch?
I don't want to know but it is reminiscent of boggy-soggy-baggy  diapers.

You too can look like a Hippy Lord of the Rings character.

She needs a change of shoes though.
These "feet" would work nicely.
Do you want to
"Get the Look"?

She is smiling.. why?? Why???

The label on this dress read, "Some Assembly Required". But obviously this lady could not make out the directions.

Why can't Hollywood dress itself?
Is there a connection between lack of taste and acting somehow?
There is a disconnct between how the great Edith Head dressed them and how they dress themselves.
The girl behind her is going for the Pirates of the Caribbean look.

  I added back in the missing pieces of the Jigsaw Dress... I think its not bad when assembled.
I wonder how many parts were left behind, like when you assemble Ikea stuff and find parts that have no place in the assemblage.

Here the worst students from Hollywood High's Home Ec sewing class model their worst mistakes.

Bjork, in green , seems to have been stomping grapes before this photo shoot.

"So, now, which look suits you?" She asked hesitantly...


  1. ...am sooo enjoying your fashion reviews !
    Unlike the ones on TV , yours are not meanspirited or catty , but spoken from the vantage point of someone used to a much higher quality of design...and mourning the seeming demise of said quality . Hopefully Hollywood will continue to supply fodder for these posts...they are marvelous !

  2. Hi Annie! Thank you for your sweet comments on Kalli :) I don't want to get the look either! I would never leave the house looking like that if you paid me, lol!

  3. LOL!! Hi Annie;

    Thanks for the fashion laughs and thank you so much for your caring wonderful comments on my blog. I'm still wearing the casts but my hands and wrists do feel better. I will be posting tomorrow as usual. BTW, I love what you did to the jigsaw dress. No way would I call any of those "horror costumes" fashionable.

    Have a lovely evening my friend. Hugs

  4. Oh those are fashion disaster! You're becoming the Joan Rivers of blogdom! ;) Thos are "Hammer pants!" Remember how his always had the low crotch! Bjork... not sure if that's a step up or down from the swan dress!

    I loved Blue Hawaii, too, and GI Blues and Viva Las Vegas. Elvis was so cute back then! (((Huigz)))

  5. Hi Annie,
    The best one out of the bunch is the first one ;) Enjoyed your critique! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Dru


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