March 7, 2011

Monday Monday..


Rain, rain all day long. Soft, gentle rain with temperature climbing into the 50s °F and big breezes.
Last night there were even a few howls in the wind. Yum!
I love that.
I was wishing for a bit of thunder to go with it but I guess that will have to wait a while.
I thought I might do a meme today.So here are a few questions from a defunct meme blog strung together for the fun of it.

What do you cook when home alone?  Nothing much.  I just don't seem to be able to cook for myself alone.  But I love meatloaf , chicken pot pies, homey foods.

What is something you'd like a chance to eat or cook?  I think some homemade ravioli. It's been a long while since I made them. 
A couple of years ago I taught the famous anonymous kid to make homemade pasta.

What is your favorite cookbook? Good Housekeeping Cookbook 1969 edition. I have all my Mother's old cookbooks, including her Fanny Farmer one.

If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, which show would you choose?          From today's line up of programs it would be: The Big Bang Theory.  
Because of this: 
interested in taking silly tests online? This one is semi serious. You can take it HERE.


  1. I read this before going to do my blog. I am in a mood to think about what used to be important and how it is not even on my radar now. Loved your short thoughts..I feel much the same. Don't cook for just me but love all the comfort foods you mentioned. Good thoughts...making me think...have a beautiful week!

  2. Happy Monday, Annie!
    Hope you will see some sun soon. Me too, by the way. I need some sun so much! I am tired of gray dark skies.
    Homemade ravioli, yum!!
    Have a lovely new week ahead.

  3. Hi Annie,
    I took the nerd test and got Mega-Dorky Light-Weight Nerd Carry it proudly, dork! lol what I figured I would get ;) Sorry for all the funky weather it will be summer before we know it. I am craving ravioli now! Hope you have a wonderful Monday. Hugs, Dru

  4. Being away a week lifted me out of the winter doldrums, but now I'm back to reality. At least today was bright and sunny! :)

    Home made ravioli are so good! I think you should treat yourself and make a batch, Annie.

  5. Hi Annie! Thanks for the explantation of Weejuns. They resemble penny loafers, don't they? I used to wear leather Topsiders a lot. Very preppy. Jeff still wears them. We've had rain, too, after our 80 degree Saturday. I've always liked the Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook- I now have the pink one they put our for breast cancer research. If I had to be trapped in a show... Glee! (((Hugz)))

  6. My favorites to cook are cream of potato soup with peas and cornbread and fudgy brownies for dessert (in the winter ). In summer , it would be broiled salmon fillets with dill butter ,sauteed green beans , boiled potatoes with chives , huge salad ,and something yummy for dessert .

  7. Hi Annie;

    I too don't really enjoy cooking for myself too much lately. I used to make ravioli and homemade pasta with my Mom. I took the nerd test and all I got was a page telling me to go back to the previous page. LOL! I would love to be trapped in a CSI NY show and not as the murderer or murdered. ;-} Have a great day my friend. Hugs

  8. Hi Annie,
    Hope your weather is better today?? Yes I can't wait until they are closer to me. And I am getting really excited for them moving into a brand new house built and designed by them. Funny I to have my Mom's cookbooks but tere were so many recipe dishes that she made that she didn't have written down that I would love to try and my Grannie's also. Hope you have a great afternoon! Hugs, Dru

  9. Hi Annie! Thanks for the cattery link! :) We've thought about something like that because we have a patio area that is under our balcony so it would be protected. If our efforts to restrict Kalani to the yard doesn't work, we may have to resort to that. Hunter is too fat to jump the fence and Hayley is too drugged- on phenobarbital for seizures- so he's the only one who can escape. (((Hugz)))

  10. Buona Festa della Donna ~ Happy Women's Day, Annie :)


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