May 1, 2011


 The famous anonymous kid's soccer team won the tournament against the top rated state team in a sudden death play that our cute little  number one goalie  helped win  with her final actions.
Let's hear the cheer go up all over the world!
She played against some of the girls we went to the private screening of "Prom" with on Thursday night.

They are great friends on and off the field.

So here is a recipe to celebrate!
Royalty loves sweets as much as anyone else it seems.
The wedding reception of the royal couple  HRH William and HRH  Catherine  included one of the Prince's favorite cakes,  Chocolate Crunch Cake.
I found a nice recipe for this delicious no cook confection and thought you might like to have it, so I am posting it here. I seems like it will be delicious.

8oz of Graham crackers or tea biscuits

3½oz walnut halves, roughly chopped or pecans

3½oz pistachio nuts
10 glacé cherries
2 ready-made meringue nests,   broken into small pieces . you could break up meringue cookies also I should think.
4 oz  unsalted butter

14oz of condensed milk (this is seriously thick coming out of the can and very sweet)
14oz  dark chocolate, broken into pieces ( I would use milk chocolate but I don't like dark chocolate at all and cannot eat it at all)

Edible gold stars to decorate the cake (Wiltons Cake Supplies has these , Amazon sells them, but you can invent something else. I personally think that any pretty decoration would be nice)

 how to do it:

1 Break the biscuits into small pieces into a large bowl. Add the walnuts, pistachio nuts, cherries and meringue pieces and mix together.
2 In a separate bowl, add the butter, condensed milk and chocolate, and put on a low heat over a pan of simmering water until the butter and chocolate have melted. Fold the biscuit mixture into the chocolate mixture.
3 Next, line a  9in diameter cake tin with cling wrap, leaving plenty of extra film hanging over the edge to help you turn the cake out later. Spoon the mixture into the tin and then place in the fridge to firm up and set (this will take 6-8 hours, or leave overnight).
4 When set, remove the cake from the tin, peel away the cling wrap and sprinkle over the edible stars, if desired. Serve sliced into thin wedges.
Some recipes state that you  use half the chocolate in the mixture and reserve the remaining half as a topping.
There are tons of recipes all over the internet now and many have European measurements included too.


  1. Congrats to the players and that recipe sounds SOOOOO good!

  2. Anonymous02 May, 2011

    Hi Annie;

    Congratulations to the Famous Anonymous Kid and her soccer team.

    I love your header! So beautiful and I could see myself sitting in the chair on the right just relaxing and taking it all in. ;-}

    Have a lovely day ahead my friend. Hugs

  3. Wow, sounds fabulous and low in calories-lol.

  4. Annie,
    I look forward to seeing each new header you create. I must learn how to do that soon. My favorite is the dock. I just get lost in that one. I agree with Toni, I just wanted to pull up a chair and smell and hear the ocean.


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