June 24, 2011

Late Night Post

end of the day on the bay
I went shopping this afternoon for a few groceries and came home just dragging.

The weather here is in the 90's now and it was as humid as could be. Finally about 7 a thunder storm rolled in while I was in the store. Got home a bit wet and had some dinner with my friend and then plotzed!

I woke up around midnight and made a cup of tea and thought I would update this.

As you see I added some tabs to the top. I keep learning new things to do and as I maintain blogs for others, it helps me keep up on the latest for them too.

Temperatures tonight have dropped significantly but its still 90 percent humidity and with all the rain we have had this spring things are greener than green and jungle like.
Hope your Friday and weekend are just spiffy.


  1. Happy Friday Annie!!
    I love the word plotzed :)Yiddish words sometimes explain an action just perfect! Yikes to 90's with humidity :( At least when we finaly do heat up here in the valley we have no humidity. My first experience of it was in Hawaii, it literally took my breath away until I got use to it. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Anonymous24 June, 2011

    Hi Annie;

    One of the reasons I hate shopping is because it knock me out and I do the same, collapse!! The weather here is only in the low 70's but rain every day this past week so far. I'm still not feeling great but I'm moving around.. ;-} Have a lovely weekend my friend.

  3. lovely photo, I would love to dip my feet in it. I hate HOT! Hoping your weekend is a nice one. Thinking of you and sending ♥

  4. Ciao Annie! Awww, gorgeous photo! :) I do not like hot and humid weather, but after 6+ months of rain, I'd like to sweat a bit, LOL! We never reached the 70s this year. Yucky! Had to google plotzed, what a brilliant word :) Have a lovely weekend.

  5. The humidity is so tiring, isn't it? It was gloomy here all day but never rained...I wish it did as now I ahve to get up early to water my tomatoes and flowers.

    We have a block sale going on here tomorrow. I am setting up a table and offering books for free. I wonder if I'll actually be able to give them away? I have too many and must weed out. The public library won't accept book donations anymore and there is no Goodwill shops to take them.

  6. I envy anyone who can do websites. My son put mine up and still has to help me maintain it. Hot here too. It seems hotter to me when you are in a city.


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