August 23, 2011

Blue Skies, Earthquakes & Hurricanes... Oh My

♪ ♪ Blue skies, nothing but blue skies ♫ ♪
We had a bit of the mag. 5.9 earthquake that hit DC today about 1PM. I have felt  worse out west but this woke me up as I had gone to take a nap and was sound asleep. But the walls were shaking a lot and my dresser and very heavy mirror were moving so, I got up.
 The Famous Anonymous kid's desk chair was sliding around with her on it. She was thrilled!

Now it seems Hurricane Irene will visit the Carolinas as a category 4. That means I will have to board up windows if it stays that big as it heads up to me. The advisories are already being issued so people can prepare.
Our water is especially warm this year with ocean temperatures as  high as 78°F.
The warmer the water, the more rough a hurricane can be.
Our weather is Autumn cool. It was lovely last night with a dry cool air that was so refreshing after humidity and heat,which I just do not like at all.
I laid down to nap because I was up rather late last night and needed more sleep but , got none. It is a lazy cool, but lovely afternoon and the skies are bluer than blue.


  1. Hi Annie,
    I actually heard the girl from Cal Tech explaining that a 5.9 in the east can be felt a lot further and harder than it would be felt out here. I find earthquakes very exciting. Mother Nature at work. So I can see why your Granddaughter was thrilled! Now that hurricane is scary. Give me an earthqauke every 15 years to any hurricane or a tornado!! Stay safe Annie.
    Hugs, Dru

  2. Good luck with that hurricane. It looks like a big one. Here's hoping it heads north and misses the coast.


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