August 28, 2011

Blogging Irene

A 2 nd post for tonight:

11 AM this morning:

Streets under couple feet of sea water.
You can see ocean just ahead beyond stop sign.

3:06 AM...Well..she is here. Irene just made her grand entrance . She's loud and banging around and bringing tons of tornadoes. She is no lady. She is just south of me in Cape May and Atlantic county, we here in Ocean County are next to get the full treatment. She's been pretty rough already.

2:41 AM from the Jersey coast:

Adding this to the post before this which I did a bit earlier.
Thought you might like to see these photos   from Twitter:
This is  Wildwood NJ  beach,
before Irene .
They are known for their huge beach which is miles long too.

Now this was taken by someone on Twitter as they were preparing for Irene.
  Its all underwater and the worst hadn't come  yet, not by half.

We are still awaiting the worst.Hoping for the best.

Atlantic City beach erosion as they were getting ready for Irene on Saturday. Photo taken by someone on Twitter.
Yup this is even before the actual hurricane hit.
Look at the huge chunk gone from the  beach. Must be a 6 foot drop there.

Lights here flickering.
Winds picking up dramatically. I can hear things crashing around outside and the wind is roaring.
If power does not go out, I will update again. 

8 AM waves at 22 or more feet
Calming down a little

4:30 AM High Winds

4 AM Irene arrives.


  1. I've been thinking about you all night. Stay safe. I'll check back later. God Bless.

  2. Hi Connie, I am okay. Damage done to beaches but we rode it out just fine. Thanks for caring!

  3. Hi Annie! So happy when I saw your comment... I had just written my Monday post and mentioned I was worried about you and other east coast friends. I'm glad it wasn't as bad as they feared and very happy you seem to have kept power and, while the streets flooded, it didn't enter your home. I laugher at the governor's comment, too. People from NJ and NY are refreshingly in your face! ;) I remember when I visited NY and saw official city street signs that said, "Don't even think of parking here." LOL! (((Hugz)))

  4. Hi Annie;

    I'm so glad you're alright. We rode it through up here. I lost phone and internet but not power. I just finished writing a post entry that I'll put up for tomorrow all about me, my problem and Irene. Still very windy and raining here. Have a better evening my friend. Hugs

  5. I just got a chance finally to see these. Wow, no wonder they wanted everyone to evacuate. My folks live about an hr from the coast and they were told to go too. They refused to go which made me mad. Thank God the angels watched over them and they lost power for a day but that was it. I was soooooo worried about them.


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