October 10, 2011

Comment problems...

Just a quick addition today on commenting problems.
This is from Blogger:

"We're investigating reports of users not being able to comment on IE8/9 from the embedded form. We hope to have a fix out shortly, but in the meantime we encourage admins to switch to either the full-page or pop-up forms which should be working without issue.

Thanks for your patience, and we'll make sure to update this post as soon as we have more info"
So now I have switched to pop ups and we will see if that helps at all. If not, let me know please?

Also from Blogger:
If you are experiencing problems posting comments on blogs that use an embedded comment form, you have a problem with authentication, and with cookie filtering.

First, make sure that your browser is up to date.

Next, try a different login procedure.
1. Login to Blogger using "www.blogger.com".
2. Do not check "Remember me".

If that does not help, try a second time..
1. Clear cache, cookies, and sessions (not just cache or cookies) - then restart the browser.
2. Login to Blogger using "www.blogger.com".
3. Do not check "Remember me".

Alternatively, stop filtering "third party cookies", in your browser and on your computer. That's the best solution, overall - but you may have to search for the cookie filter(s) that affect your use of Blogger / Google.

You can have a cookie filter:
1. In a native browser feature.
2. In a browser add-on.
3. In a security feature, on the computer.
4. In a network device.
Please, note that any and all cookie filters must be set properly. If you have more than one cookie filter affecting access to Blogger, all filters must be set properly, before an improvement will be seen.
Now would you read my real post just  below?


  1. Hi Annie,
    Wow to all the instructions to do to get your comments working lol also they should add I even tried using Firefox as a browser and that did not work either?? What is also odd is that some people have no problems at all :( Hope you have a wonderful day. I always copy my comment just in case ;)And I use the name/URL since it does not work with my google account?
    Hugs, Dru

  2. It is ridiculous but Blogger is too lazy to correct its problems.
    I will look into another comment system since this is not good.
    Also the numbers on comments are broken and indicate more comments than I have.


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