December 6, 2011

End of Day

We are still in the midst of a burst of springtime weather. It is warm and today a bit drizzly but, the birds are happy with this warmer weather.

Late afternoon in the salt marsh


  1. Hi Annie,
    You are warmer and we are colder out here. 34 this morning when I woke up and only 61 today. I actually like cold brisk weather once in awhile. Pretty pictures hope you have a wonderful evening.
    Hugs, Dru

  2. And in Sydney Australia we are having the coldest start to summer in 51 years: usually this time of year the temp is around 33 degrees, but we are averaging 20 degrees and lots of rain.
    Summer, where are you?

  3. Hi Annie! I think I'll start observing a Sabbath, too. ;) Could use a break from housework. Happy Biethday to the kid and all the other November and December birthdays. We are mostly September and October here- so Virgos and Libras.

    I think Hayley's naughtiness was due to the Christmas tree- the cats hate when we add things like scarecrows for Halloween, too, and sprayed them once before. She seems very happy with the new litter box now.



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