December 12, 2011

Taking Shape..the new place

This desk is a new one that I bought for the office in my new apartment. I gave up on redoing the old dresser/desk. Just too much work at this time.
The lamp is a find from Home Goods and is a Labrador Retriever on the base and a lovely oval beige silk shade.
Click on it to see it larger if you like.

The doors are where the furnace and water heater are. Yes, I wish it was a closet but this is a former 24 X 24 foot garage.
The door on the right wall is my bedroom.
The walls are painted a pale blue/gray by Glidden called Chilly Morning.

These are the two night stands I found at Home Goods. They are a bit more exotic than I would usually pick but I think they will go well in my bedroom. At least I am hoping they will.

I have put up new drapes and sheers in the bedroom. The drapes are a very pale blue faux silk called Rainwater.The sheers are white.
I need to purchase a wardrobe and perhaps a new dresser as the dresser I have may be too large for the little bedroom I will now have.  10 X 10 is a challenge to decorate  but it can be done.  We are spoiled in the world today anyway. There are people who have literally nothing. We have so much to be thankful for.

The closet in the room is so very tiny,much smaller than the old fashioned closets I have now. So   I think it will be better to put top to bottom shelves inside for folded shirts, sweaters,pajamas etc and buy a nice wardrobe with a decent sized rod.
I am even toying with the idea of lining the little closet with some cedar. It is only 26 inches wide and though its 8 high inside, that is not a lot of space and so it might not cost too much to line it a bit with cedar and give added protection to the clothing from bugs. While it is small for a closet it would not be small for a bunch of lovely shelves at all. It would be quite spacious actually.

Ikea sells wardrobes and this one here seems nice. At first I was not fond of the clear doors. But on thinking it over they might actually be a better idea in a small room as they would give an idea of more space rather than just a large closed box. What do you think?


  1. Your new place is coming along so nicely, Annie! :)
    It looks cozy and comfortable.
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Hhi Annie! Things are shaping up nicely! I love HomeGoods and the lamp is perfect for you and I've seen those mirrored nightstands. I love Candace Olsen on HGTV's Devine Design and she taught me the value of mirrored furniture- pefect for smaller spaces plus adds a bit of sparkle.

    You can find very inexpensive cedar planks in kits at places like Home Depot. We used them to line our walkin closet ceiling.

    The glass doors would be nice but you'd have to keep things very neat and organized. ;)


  3. Hi Annie,
    Your new place is looking lovely. I think that Ikea wardrobe will look very nice in a small bedroom. I love the lamp it is very cute and the desk and end tables are really nice. Your place is really shaping up nicely. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Dru

  4. I like the Ikea wardrobe also, great progress!

    I have awarded you with a blog award! xx

  5. I think your new place looks really nice. I'm on a search for bedside tables. Because our bedroom is so small, they have to be very small which is difficult to find.

  6. Happy Tuesday, Annie! Thanks for the get well wishes :) Eh, people working in post offices are amazing sometimes. The other day one of my friends from France had problems explaining that UK and USA are not the same place ;)
    Hope you are having a nice day! xo

  7. I think everything is looking so nice. It looks to me like you made some very good buys. I wish we had an Ikea and a Home Goods around here but no such luck. You have very good taste and thanks for letting us see.

  8. Happy weekend ahead! :)

  9. And dont forget to use the storage under your bed. Thats a good place for your sheets, bedding and seasonal clothes. In my old house which was small, I found pull out wire baskets on wheels. I put all my sheets and extra blankets in them under the bed.


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