January 2, 2012

January ...

Snow storm last year that left us with over 2 feet

The first days of 2012 have had rainy nights. But I don't mind rainy nights as they can be cozy and don't you also love the reflection of lights on rainy streets?

Rain  is better than snow I think.

After piles and piles of snow for the last many years, a warmer winter is just what the weatherman ordered and sunny days would trump it all!

My current obsession is learning about Bigfoot or Sasquatch since I heard a tape that sounded very much like some things I have heard.
I have begun to think there is something to it all. There are just too many people who see them and so many are credible and reliable.
The Panda and Gorilla were dismissed as myths and those who saw them were said to be perpetrating hoaxes for years and years.  Not anymore. So you never know what might come about.

What do you think? Does any of that interest you?


  1. Hi Annie! I do love that snowy photo you posted. I don't really care for snow storms, but I don't mind the snow. Doesn't really snow here in Tasmania, except for on the mountain, and in a few remote places, but not around where I live. It can get very cold though. But it's summertime, and I'm wishing it could snow here. Having a very hot week here at the moment.

    I hope the New Year has started out well for you!


  2. Hi Annie;

    No snow or rain here yet and warmer than usual. Although the cold and wind should reach here sometime tomorrow.

    I've been trying to catch up with your earlier posts. Love the photo of the old Barney lighthouse and the photos of Chanukah and your lovely table setting for dinner. I like your ideas for the sitting room especially the wall of bookcases. I think your idea of building the short built ins would work well. Either way, your sitting room will look comfortable and lovely.

    Have a great day ahead my friend. ;-}

  3. Hello Annie

    The weather has been so nice so far this year, hasn't it? We really did need a break form bad winters.

    I looked at posts I missed and I really like how your new home is coming along and all your plans. The wall of book shelves will be so nice and I also liked the glass door wardrobe you like from IKEA. A Mirror door wardrobe would also be nice as it would reflect light. I;m glad you had a beautiful Chanukah.

    I'm not sure I believe that Bigfoot or Sasquatch exists, but maybe I'll be proven wrong one day.

    Wishing you a very happy and healthy 2012!

  4. I'd love to see Lock Ness. I drove along the lake many years ago and never saw a thing. It had been seen just a few days before. Warmer than normal here too.

  5. Hi Annie,
    Happy New Year :) We are having summer weather in the 80's today was 85. I am not a believr in anything supernatural. I somewhat believed in things when I was younger but as I have become older I don't believe in anything that can't be proven to be a scientific fact ;) That is just me. Hope ypu have a wonderful evening. I am enjoying my days off :)
    Hugs, Dru


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