February 7, 2012

Tuesday Ocean View

In winter, the blue Atlantic  takes on an icy clear hue and at mid day as the sun shines down  the shallow water as it rushes in appears delicate pale bottle green or baby blue.
It is as lovely in the winter as in the summer.
The sand is icy cold to the bare feet a kind of  a treat you long for in summer when the sand is so hot you hop from foot to foot as you go along.
You can see here how crystal clear it is.
A beautiful day in February.


  1. So so pretty - both you and Hostess talked about oceans today - from the Pacific to the Atlantic! You are so lucky to live by the ocean.

  2. My favorite thing is to drive up Highway One to Big Sur/Carmel and if it's sunny, the water is so blue and sparkles from the sunshine. I never get tired of that trip no matter how many times I've done it... even with all the twisty turns and deadly drop-offs! :) I could never be landlocked! (((Hugz)))

  3. Even in winter the seashore and beach look peaceful and beautiful. I envy you living so close. I wish I had the means and way to get up and out of this morbid area. A city girl stuck in the boondocks, that's me. ;-} Hugs

  4. Happy Wednesday Annie!
    I love that picture the ocean is beautiful! I am a ocean lover also as Darylynn is. One of the best reason to live in So Cal. Hope you have a great day. Hugs, Dru


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