May 3, 2012

A Rainy Day with Mary

Fay calls a taxi for Mrs. Peabody painting by Mary Petty

Rainy days have been the norm and the sun has been hiding for a few days. Also, it is chilly out especially at night. The only sign of spring is the flowering trees and bushes. Otherwise, it is more like early April than early May.

This picture is one from a  series that appeared  on the covers of  The New Yorker magazine during the 1940's - 50's.  They are the work of  artist Mary Petty 
In the old days,women of old money,ruled New  York City from their mansion sized apartment homes in the city.  All of high society and it's accompanying rituals were in their hands.
They were the reigning Grand Dames of the day and right up  until fairly recent times.
This series was about fictional Mrs. Peabody and her 'angelic maid.' The entire series is wonderful and you can find most of them on by looking for the art of Mary Petty.
I call the maid 'angelic' because of the 'wings' on her apron but also because she is seen serving like an angel.
Was that the impression Mary Petty meant to give?

I want to begin to collect all of them, frame them and hang them in a series on a wall.
That's the plan, whether it will come to pass is another thing entirely!

Playing cards by Mary Petty

Some of the grand apartment and row house homes in New York are upwards of 10,000 square feet and come complete with ball rooms, large glass conservatories where gardens grow, including the occasional orange tree.

I think this series of drawings is delightful.


  1. Hi Annie,
    Don't feel bad we have had a deep marine layer for the last 3 days here!! I honestly don't ever remember this happening for so many days in a row? I love those covers of the New Yorker. They would look great framed. Hope you have a wonderful Thursday. Hugs, Dru

  2. Is that what they call a Brownstone? I love the idea of just seeing a front door and stairs and wonder what all is there! Multilevels I imagine like our house which is a trilevel. Looks like the angel maid is hailing a taxi! :) We had fun doing that in Manhattan! In LA, you call a taxi unless you're at the airport where you might find one. (((Hugz)))

  3. Anonymous03 May, 2012

    I love all that history kept alive by art.

  4. Hi Anne what sweet art. I love art and, I like to browse there. It looks like rain here this eve. I hope you have a great weekend. I had written other things but my iPad was not happy. Have a great weekend. Hugs


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