June 24, 2012

Summer is Here

Summer is here .. really here!

It is as perfect a day as it can be. The sky is vivid blue with wispy clouds here and there, I can smell the water and the freshly cut grasses, the birds are singing and the temperature is lovely, humidity is low.

I was looking at weather trends for the state and things have not changed all that much in the last 60 years at all. Do we exaggerate things when it is too hot or too cold? Could well be. But I pray that the entire summer is like today.
Last night was cool and lovely as well.
I can hear the sound of boats on the bay, a sound I love in summer and I got to thinking about sounds and smells that bring on moods and feeling.
Like the sound of dogs barking in the distance at night. It is a sound I like.
The sound of rain drumming on the rooftop is another sound I find soothing and I do not mind the rumble of distant thunder either.
Yes, that's me in front there.
The smell of cedar and pine make me calm and happy and so can the scent of salt water or the particular odor of a board walk.

A boardwalk has it's own scents: frozen custard, hot dogs, fries and cotton candy and in New Jersey, of course, the smell of sausages and peppers frying on a grill.

I read recently that lemon balm can solve depression and calm a person. Lavender seems to have that effect as well.

Are there sights and sounds and scents that bring on memories, moods or feelings for you?

(no this is not an advertisement. I just love my state a lot.)


  1. Everything you described awakens the senses. I love the sound of waves of the lake/ocean and the air.

  2. Hi Annie! I like all the sights, sounds and smells you descibe except for the sound of dogs barking. Why are they barking? They might be left outside alone and not happy... unless they're barking at a squirrel or something. ;) One of my favorite sights is when the sky is blue and as a result the ocean is blue (not gray-green) and you can see the sun sparking on the water like little diamonds. It's my most favorite sight--- it reminds me that I'm on the western edge of our continent and next to the vast Pacific Ocean. (((Hugz)))

  3. I noticed this morning that a spider web formed on the ground over the grass was lit up by the sun and looked almost like a small piece of glass on the ground. It's a beautiful day here today like you said..low humidity, sunshine, breeze blowing.

  4. Hi Annie,
    I love the picture of you in front of the carousel. It reminds me of our Santa Monica Pier where I love the smells and sounds of hot dogs, cotton candy and the sounds of the ocean beating on the pilings that hold up the pier and of course children laughing. Hope you have a wonderful Monday.

    P.S. Since you are not on facebook we have a new addition to our family that I posted pictures of on blog and facebook :))

  5. Hi Annie that looks like a fun place to visit, the only board walk near us is Santa Cruz. How nice you love your state a lot, it's home and that is what makes in wonderful besides the wonderful sights and sounds. I love CA a lot as well though it is very very expensive here. Have a wonderful day! hugs

  6. Hi Annie, Seaside Heights looks like a lot of fun. :) Our Boardwalk would be Ocean City. It spells of Caramel Corn, French Fries and Taffy. lol Have a great Tuesday. Hugs

  7. Happy Tuesday Annie,
    Hope you have a wonderful evening in your neck of the woods.
    Hugs, Dru


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