September 27, 2012

Thursday ...

It is 8 O'clock in the morning and I sit here eating an apple and drinking a cup of hot  steaming  Orange Pekoe tea from Ceylon ,my favorite kind and wonder if going back to bed is a good idea.  I am very sleepy.

Outside the day has a fall look to it with overcast silver skies and wet, gradually changing leaves. Touches of red and gold are already popping up. More and more each day.
The days go from chilly to downright warm as nature decides which suits her fancy and you never really know what to wear.
  Late last night the  first of the true Indian Summer storms  arrived complete with noise.
   A resounding clap of thunder and then rain  falling off and on until  early this morning .   Now, as the sun rises  higher in the sky drops are still falling from the Rhododendron by my office window and splashing on the ground one by one.
A frog is being very vocal for this time of year, complaining about the weather perhaps. You can never be sure with frogs. They are inscrutable and defy every attempt to interpret them. A laugh, a frown all look the same on those squishy green faces.

It is pitch black here at night.  It can be somewhat eery  to poke your head out the back door and see blackness all around, yet here the rain pounding on the pond and falling through the changing leaves.
It can be chilling to hear the scream of a fox in the middle of the night too.
The wind ruffles through the trees and they almost seem alive and whispering to you.
But after the rain you can smell the scent of salt and cedar in the air.  It's refreshing and wonderful.
What's it like where  you are?


  1. Hi Annie,
    It is dark and quiet here in Burbank. Lily is siting next to my computer and the temp is 63 this time of the year we have beautful weather. Hope you have a wonderful Thursday. Hugs, Dru

  2. It is later in the morning as I sit here in Ohio and it is cloudy, with sprinkles and 60 degrees. The trees are just beginning to change color and my morning glory flowers are still beautiful and full on my arbor.

  3. Hi Annie;

    The sun is out and it's a late golden type of early evening. The nights are cool enough to use a blanket and the days are in the 60's. There is a tinge of color on most of the trees. I love this kind of weather. I'm sure next week the leaves will be more colorful. You asked how many poems I've wrote, well I've been writing since I was a kid but never saved them, which I'm sorry about. I've had a couple published but now I write for myself mainly and I have close to 100 saved. Have a lovely evening my friend. Hugs

  4. Yesterday we had beautiful weather in the 80's with a breeze. It was warmer today in the low 90's and we will be in the 100's by Tues. :( I hate this hot weather, but that is So. Cal. I started to take out my fall bins to decorate, but had to stop because it was hot and I was busy with my grand daughter.

  5. What a beautiful and descriptive post. It's hot here my friend, Too hot the weather is crazy..We should be having cooler temperatures and rainy days but it's just hot and dry. sending hugs your way!


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