January 7, 2013

Birthday Girl    

Today is the baby's birthday though she is a baby no more and a big pre-schooler now!  
She is a real girly girl who loves all things pink and 'princessy'!
When she is sloppy or misbehaves you only need tell her, "this is not princess like behavior" and it makes a big impression on her.  She wants very much to be a princess and loves the Disney princess characters.

It has been difficult to sit long enough to post and I have a computer that is going bye bye gradually so I have not been posting as much as usual. But I miss going around and reading everyone else's blogs. That is something I enjoy far too much and miss when I cannot do it. That's what I will be doing today.

Outside the sky is bluer than blue, the air is icy cold and the sun is bright and yellow.

 Inside I have a lovely new bar chair that enables me to cook a bit easier and sit at my counters to do things. Makes things slightly easier though does not solve the problem completely. Its amazing how much you need to stand to do things properly and when you cannot stand up for more than a half minute you see how much of a handicap it can be.  I need a wheelchair outside of the house now as my spine is not doing very well.

My kitchen smells like lavender now since I cleaned the counters.
Do you  have a favorite smell you enjoy in cleaning products?  I buy the Method cleaners and I love the cucumber and pink grapefruit. I also like the lavender scent in Pine Sol  I use .  Today I see that Meyers offers an Iowa Pine scented dish soap but its being discontinued as it was only for the holidays.
Their bluebell scent intrigues me.

Hope your day is wonderful.


  1. Hi Annie,
    So sorry to hear you are still in so much pain!! Happy Birthday to the baby girly girl :) My favorite scent for the house in Apple Cinnamon, Sugar Cookies and Pumpkin Spice but of course cleaning products don't have those scents so I go for lemon if I have t pick a scent. I need to deep clean my place so bad that I am thinking of taking a "sick day" Thursday since I never get sick :) and clean my house with a toothbrush. Hope you have a wonderful day your weather sounds like our right now cool and a bluer than blue sky :) Hugs, Dru

  2. Hi Annie! Happy Birthday to your beautiful princess! Hearing about her reminds me of Judy's Emily. :) Wonder if I'll ever get a granddaughter...if so, hope it will be from Justin as he needs to get going on a family. (Mother's opinion! ;) ) Sorry about your back problems... I can relate as that was my mother's big problem. I like the smell of the Swiffer wet ones. They have a fresh scent but I think you can also get them in lavender. Hope you can get a new computer! (((Hugz)))

  3. Happy birthday to your little angel xo

  4. Such a pretty girl..hope she had a wonderful birthday.

  5. I had not heard of floral scented cleaning products. The lavender intgrigues me because I love lavender. I'm glad you're able to find a way to sit while in the kitchen. Stay warm. ((Hugs))

  6. Im not well either. ...gall bladder issues that hit me hard. Lost a lot of weight and Im weak. So like you I cant stand long to cook. And I agree, you really do need to stand for so many things and dont realize it, until you cant. Sorry to hear your hurting a lot too.

    My favorite scent for my kitchen is orange. I buy orange essential oils in bulk from ebay and then add it to baking soda to clean things here. Or I save orange peels in vinegar to extract the oils and use that. Its really good once in awhile to put a splash in my dishwasher to clean it.

    Happy Birthday to the little princess :)


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