January 28, 2013

Mystery Footprints

Temperatures climbed to a hearty 34° F today so it is raining  off and on.
Skies are steely grey.
mystery footprints across the frozen pond
The top of the front pond is frozen and dusted with snow. In the snow are footprints of someone...and not  a very little someone but a large animal.
No.. not Bigfoot! But, something like a very big dog or a large raccoon.  The prints are degraded enough to obscure what it was.
Its usual to see bird prints as they drink from the pond and will walk on the ice. Cats, dogs, raccoon, fox, deer and chipmunks also use my ponds for water and food.
The red circle is a heater that keeps a hole clear for oxygen to enter the pond, otherwise fish  will suffocate under the ice and animals will lose a place to drink.
In summer I keep the water pristine with  UV filters.

Please remember those in New Jersey who are still.. STILL.. living in tents because of 'Sandy'.
They are enduring frigid temperatures in the low teens, snow and it is a very serious situation.
This isn't Florida my friends!  It gets frigidly cold and extremely damp here by the ocean. It cuts through the bones.
The government is no help to them at all despite the high minded talk. Those Washington folks are rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing. So, they seem to think others don't either. (I hate politics.. hate it)
No housing is provided for them other than communal tents without heating.
Many are young mothers with children living alone in communal situations with all manner of odd people hanging around. They are in a dangerous situation.  Please keep them in your prayers for a quick and fair solution.
It is a serious disgrace.



  1. Hi Annie! Happy Monday to you. We had ice here today. Fun! I saw on the news that they are going to vote Friday for Sandy relief? WHAT THE HECK!! This should have been taken care of right away. I am so embarrassed by our government (as are many). Hopefully things will start to change for the positive very soon. Hugs

  2. Hi Annie,
    I heard the GOP in Congress were holding the vote up on Sandy Relief. That should be a crime! We need to vote those bad eggs out of Congress when they come up for election again. They are the hold up on everyhing! So maddening! And I know many people that don't want the government in their business BUT when it comes to disaster we have to rely on government help! I am hoping things we get better for all the people still without homes. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead! Hugs, Dru

  3. Hi Annie,
    Oh it is ridiculous that this is still going on with the Sandy Relief. :(

    Hope you have a joy filled week!


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