February 12, 2013

A Lovely Afternoon

Hardly any snow to speak of here and it melted the very next day with a strong all day rain.
Spring is coming closer as I continue to hear more and more birds singing outside my window.
It was a lovely day today especially with sunshine and cool breezes.  The Little and I am watched a few cute videos while waiting for the Famous Anonymous Kid to get home from school.
I found this little IKEA commercial while looking around on YouTube. I thought this was so cute I had to share it with you. You can detect the singers little Swedish accent if you listen closely. But the ending is special and can be oh, so true.


  1. Hi Annie;

    Got my laptop up and running finally this morning. Lost it and my cable due to their technical problems. ;-} Glad it wasn't me and a good thing I had the past two days posts already online. I love Blogger's post ahead feature.

    Loved the IKEA video. It made me start my day with a chuckle and smile. Sun is shining brightly here but too much snow isn't melting that fast. Have a lovely day ahead my friend. Hugs

  2. Hi Annie,
    Happy to hear Spring is coming your way :) Very cute video. Hope you have a wonderful day. Hugs, Dru

  3. Hi Annie, thanks for your prayers. My daddy is with the Lord now. I just updated my blog. Hugs

  4. We ahve had a rather mild winter so far in Colorado, but it isn't iver as yet :)

    This commercial was very sweet...and so true..we often have to make room for our cat ..lol


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