February 8, 2013

Coat Racks and Snow Storms

Mr. Weatherman is predicting a blizzard. We get some snow on the shore but usually only if it comes up from the Delmarva area below and parallel to us.
The last few years, however, we got socked with up to 3 feet of snow. We will see what happens in the next two days.

I painted a hall self in a nice eggshell black and I have decided it is something I really like. The photo shows an odd color to the hallway but it is a very pale blue in reality. 
They can land men on the moon but..... technology here on earth is not what it could be. Then again, maybe it is my camera. I have  a Powershot A560 by Canon.
 I was so lazy all week that I did not get to post as I had planned or get around to visit as I love doing.



  1. Hi Annie;

    I just posted about the winter nor'easter Nemo (can you believe they named this storm!) too. My area is going to see anywhere from 12+ to 18 inches or so they say. I'm not looking forward to it as the power co. called and said we may lose power.

    I notice that "technology here on earth" servers can't show certain blues properly. I remember when I posted an afghan I made a couple of years ago in a steel blue, it showed up as a bright baby blue, far from the right color. ;-}

    Have a safe and good day and weekend my friend. Hugs

  2. Happy Friday Annie,
    I love the half shelf you painted looks really classy in that black a nice compliment to your pale blue walls. Stay warm and safe from that storm that is headed your way. We are going to see snow in our local mountains and some rain in the Los Angeles and Valley areas but nothing like what the east gets. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Dru


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