June 14, 2013

One Month Already

view from the room
Views from my hospital room, taken by my son on his phone.
Yesterday I went to my doctor and was given a belt that will send waves of electricity etc through my spine to help the new bone cells grow around the rods and pins, etc.
Very high tech and I am happy to be having a chance to try this.
They took xrays of my spine and I was shaking from fright when I was done.  I had to lie on this hard, narrow table and since I am still a bit shakey in moving around I was scared to death. I was so afraid of falling off that narrow table.  I seemed not to be able to orient myself and could not tell where the table limits were so moving into positions was so scary for me.  I can't recall ever being so scared that I shook like that!   I felt like a baby, but the tech was so sweet and helpful.
view from the room
I will be making my appts at his other office where they have a stand up machine from now on.
It takes over a year and a half for new bone to really grow and so this will cut the time in half and ensure better growth.
I will wear it for 4 hours a day and must keep a distance from anyone with a pace maker. Glad I don't know anyone with one!
 Yesterday was filled with thunder and lightning.
It is one month now since the surgery...time flies!  And I had a hard time getting up today. I was up and then went back to sleep until 2:30.
They say anniversaries of surgery can do that to you in weekly cycles.

I hope it is a nice weekend.
Here are some photos I took on a little drive around the neighborhood with my daughter in her car. It was great to get outside and before you know it I will be walking here again.
my neighborhood

dashboard view

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. Hi Annie,
    When I had my first colonoscopy I was shaking like a leaf I know exactly how you felt. I was in that cold room and saw all those hoses that they were going to use and I freaked out. Now I am fine because I know what to expect and they give me they twilight drug that you are awake but don't remember a thing. That is so cool about the belt with the electric waves to your spine help your bone grow. Very nice view from your room. Yes you will be walking where you took those pictures again. Hugs, Dru

  2. Glad you are enjoying the nice views and you are able to get out and about.

    Interesting process with belt/electric waves! hope it works wonders!

  3. Hi Annie. I am so glad the tech was kind & helpful. I don't blame you for being frightened.
    My son had the same electrical device to speed the healing of his femur. Good news. It worked.
    Love the pictures of the views from your room. Happy w/e! Hugz!

  4. Something made my comment disappear so you may get the beginning of this twice... Sorry about the scary experience but it does sound like you are getting expert, cutting-edge treatment. Our new Prius says that anyone with a pacemaker should be cautious because of the keyless entry system, etc... I googled it and most poo-pooed it saying they were just being overly cautious to avoid lawsuits. Not implying that about your device, tho. :) I can't wait till you are roaming about your beloved neighborhood! :D (((Hugz)))

  5. that is scary ( that sensation is a daily event for me) I pray you do not have it again. New medical technology is amazing. I send you gentle hugs my fiend xo


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