November 20, 2013

This Week's Meme

Today is sunny and chilly, a very pre-winter kind of day.

The bay is choppy and the water is down to 68 F now and getting colder.

 I thought a meme about dinner might be nice and perhaps helpful.
I don't know about you but dinner can be a difficult time to decide what to make and when.

When I had a houseful of people,  I made regular menus for the week.
 So here is this week's meme:

What's for Dinner?
  1. Do you prepare a menu for the week?  Do you stick to it or are last minute changes a habit?
  2. Do you spend a lot of time planning menus?
  3. What is your family's favorite menu for dinner?
  4. Do you eat out during the week?  Regularly or is that a special treat?
  5. Is dinner simple or elaborate?
  6. Do you have dessert after your meal?
  7. What beverages are served at the dinner table?
  8. Do you serve different foods in summer and winter?  

My own answers tomorrow. I hope you join in. It is such good fun to learn all about other people.


  1. Hi Annie! Copied down your meme and will answer later this week. It's really chilly here right now- 62 and threatening to rain. Hope it holds off until I pick Ryan up from school. Jacob wants to do HW now, too, so Jessica sent a folder with worksheets. Wish he could be in preschool but he does have teachers in his mommy and Nani. :) Hope you're doing well! (((Hugz)))

  2. I answered right away this time before the memory left me lol. This time I actually did it on my site instead of here like I did the first time!


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