December 9, 2013

Answers for Tradition

Traditions meme answers   
Morning In the Kitchen
  1. Are traditions important in your family for holidays or do you just celebrate without them? 
  2.  Is there one particular tradition that is most important to your and yours? 
  3. Did you incorporate any new traditions with your family that are in addition to ones your parents held?
  4.  What are they? Do you think tradition is important? 
  5. Are there any traditions you do not include that you would like to try? What are they? 
  6. Can you tell us why your traditions are special to you and how they benefit you?
  7.  Are there daily /weekly/monthly traditions you follow? 
 1. Traditions are very important to my family from the earliest I can remember.  Holidays feature food as a main ingredient in celebrating and tables set with special china for each occasion.  Special tablecloths, candles, gifts.  Every holiday has some special things associated with it that everyone misses if they are not there.
Because we were and are a musical family, music was also important.
2. Each member has something they love especially. For me it was people stopping in even if they were invited elsewhere just to be with us for a while.  That was special and became a tradition for quite a few to stop in for holidays each and every year.  
3. Yes. In my family now we make a big deal of the 4th of July, which as a child was not as big in my family.
4. Tradition is very important.
We make a ton of pies for dessert. Sitting around the table with pie and coffee or tea makes a nice atmosphere and for lots of conversation.
5.Not that I can think of.
6. They bring the family into a tighter, closer bond. They help children to focus on religious or national events and make them important to them.
7.  Yes, almost too many to list.
Daily prayer before and after each meal. Prayer with children in the evening before bed.
Cooking  with the Famous Anonymous Kid and watching our special programs on a weekly basis.
Weekly game of I Spy with the Little.
I have a close friend with whom I write stories and watch special programs.  Not so much since they are busy right now, but it is tradition.


  1. Hi Annie! I love your answers! I never thought about weekly traditions or even the tradition of having to watch certain movies year after year when I answered my questions. lol Have a wonderful Monday evening! Hugs.

  2. Good Morning Annie !!
    How much sweetness you share with us here, thank you for this and thank for making us thinking over things we generally consider usual and ordinary.
    I wish you a lovely day <3

    1. :) Thank you Daniela! I have added you to my list if you don't mind and am following your blog now too.


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