December 19, 2013

Thursday Already?

The past week was spent with a chest cold and bronchitis, but not too bad a case as I have gotten in the past.
I  had medicine right away that helped tremendously and so it never took off to become too much.
Number 2 daughter and her kitty Garfield
Still, I felt depleted and too tired to post much.
In the meantime the weather was icy cold and we got some sleety rain and then today sunshine and warmer temperatures.
Physical therapy continues and I love it so much. I will be sorry when it ends. After so long a time it is good to see my muscles getting strong  and to be moving so much better.
My legs and core are getting harder every day.
 I hope I can continue for a long time.

 I have end of  the year cookies to make with the Famous Anonymous Kid to thank the neighbors for their help with the Little on days when weather kept me from walking to the corner to pick her up.   They all volunteered to help and it was just wonderful.I  have  such nice neighbors, so they will receive the Butterballs (Russian tea cakes) and decorated sugar cookies. 
Just have to find some boxes to put them in.


  1. Happy Friday Annie, So sorry you were sick :( I am happy you are getting so much out of your therapy. Cute picture of Garfield and our daughter. Have a great weekend,. Hugs, Dru

  2. What a sweet image Annie !!
    A great Christmas time to you, your family and your lovely neighbours, it's not easy having nice neighbouurs, they really deserve your cakes !! xo.

  3. Happy Friday, Annie! I sure hope you're feeling better now! That bronchitis is a real you know what. I'm so glad to read that physical therapy is really helping you to get stronger. I know you said you're going to miss it but hopefully you wont need it when it's over. :) Very sweet of you to make cookies for the neighbors! We don't know any of our neighbors. Everyone keeps to themselves around here. Have a great weekend!! (((Hugs))) Oh! I made the tea cakes and they are so yummy! Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  4. Hi Annie, So happy to read all the good news from you. My baking starts tomorrow and your Russian Tea Cakes are on my list. I'll let you know how I do! Thanks for sharing a great recipe. Hugz!

  5. Hi Annie, sorry to hear you have been sick. I plan to make cookies with the grandkids on Monday. I do have your recipe and may try that. Have a great weekend. Stay warm. Hugs

  6. I sure hope you're feeling better now, Annie. :)
    Happy Tuesday ahead to you.


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