January 29, 2014

Picture Wednesday

Still snowing, still cold, but the sunset tonight was glorious.
Meme tomorrow.
Looking through the woods


  1. Hi Annie, I always enjoy your pictures and special effects. Hope you are staying warm. Hugs

  2. It's just the frost of the Winter that is able to paint such amazing colours in the sky at the sunset, and you've caught them so perfectly in a wonderful shot !!
    We also have snow here, lots of snow for a few days, and it's still snowing so plenty ... our Winter seems to have just begun.
    Have a wonderful day my dear, sending you hugs across the ocean. xoxo

  3. Hi Annie, Pretty picture. I got a great sunset on my way home the other night! The sky looked majestic! Hope you are staying safe and warm. Hugs, Dru

  4. Gorgeous sunset! I have noticed the days are starting to get a little longer now, a hopeful sign! :)


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