March 12, 2014

Wednesday Doings

Busy week with physical therapy, opthamologist this morning, ordering eye glasses and prescription sunglasses(I am near sighted). Having light eyes I find that I need sunglasses even in winter and it will be nice to have them with prescription lenses in them now.
My daughter got me a new computer also and we've been setting it up this week also. I have yet to transfer a few things but perhaps this weekend. I dislike Windows 8.1 and find it inconvenient. I hope that they come up with something far nicer.
 In the meantime temperatures are up in the 60's for the past few days.
 Today is windy and a little bit of rain falling as I write.
While I waited for my eyes to dilate and the anesthesia drops to work (they were looking at my optic nerve) I watched the flag out front just whipping around wildly in the wind.
 I know that the gale warning flags are all up today.
 New spring growth is pushing up through the earth and spring seems closer than ever now. I do hope it brings normal weather.
I am just finishing up a third round of physical therapy with more recommended. My last visit is tomorrow morning. I am getting so strong and I love it. How has your week been?


  1. Hi dear Annie, I'm so glad to read a new post about you !
    Here also the weather seems to go toward Spring, I'm so happy to know that you're getting stronger after your therapy my sweet friend, and .. take care of your eyes, I also have light eyes and you' re right, we have to wear sunglasses even in Winter .. finally, I don't know windows 8.1 yet, but it seems to be our future .. you say you don't like it .. I hate every change on my pc, if it's also in worse ... !!
    Sending hugs across the Ocean, my dear <3

  2. Hi Annie! Happy Wednesday! I'm so glad to read that PT is working out well for you. That is just wonderful news. I'm not big on Windows 8 at all! I ended up going back to 7. Hope you had a lovely Wednesday and have been enjoying the Spring-like weather. Too bad the winter weather will be back tomorrow. :( Have a lovely rest of your week. Hugs

  3. Hi Annie, glad to hear you are getting stronger. I need to get my eyes checked too.
    My friend Pam at might like to do the memes.
    We are in the hgih 70;s going up to the 80's. either spring is here or we are getting teased.

  4. Hi, Annie. I'm in definite need of an eye appointment and hope to get there in the next month or two. I'm glad that you are getting stronger with PT. I've not tried Windows 8. I still have the dreaded Vista on my computer but we've finally become friends so it's not too bad. I hated it originally. Have a great rest of the week.

  5. Hi Annie! I am glad you are getting stronger. :) I am due for my eye exam and probably need to get stronger glasses.
    enjoy the rest of your week

  6. Hi Sis ... "I dislike Windows 8.1 and find it inconvenient. I hope that they come up with something far nicer." They have ... it's call a Mac. :)

  7. Happy Saturday Annie; I'm so glad that you're getting stronger after your therapy. I've had cataract surgery in both eyes and need only wear store bought reading glasses for reading small print.
    As for Windows, I;m still using Win 7 and have no plans to change to #8. I would have to get another laptop for that and that's one thing I can't afford for a long time.
    I've been taking light walks around the parking lot of my apartment complex and as soon as we have real Spring weather, I will be walking farther and hopefully try to make it to town.
    Have a lovely weekend my friend. Hugs

  8. I also dislike Windows 8! I don't feel it is user friendly. I don't use the apps on it at all. I''ve heard they have been getting a lot of complaints.

    I will soon need cataract surgery. I was surprised when my ophthalmologist told me I had them! I also have light eyes and never wore sunglasses in my younger days. I guess that and being nearsighted contributed to this.

    Glad to hear your therapy is helping you! Do you think Spring will really arrive in a few days?


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