May 1, 2014

May Meme

May is here.
It is the real entrance to summertime but it feels ore like April with the torrents of rain we have been seeing.
My daughter's flight home was delayed by 2  1/2 hours by the storms.  She stayed in Oakland on business, gave a talk, manned a booth and really got little time to see anything of the area at all. The view from her room was of the bridge and alcatraz on the way to the airport.
She was most impressed on her last trip to San Diego and the gorgeous Spanish architecture there.

So how about a meme about summer?  I was thinking that I could use some new recipes for lunch and supper and  some ideas of what to read/see/do. How about you? Maybe we can help one another out.

1. Favorite summer supper?
2. Have a recipe for it you can share?
3. Do you have a recipe for a nice dessert or drink for summer time?
4.  What movies/books or television programs remind you most of summer?
5.  Do you have plans for the 4th of July if you are in America?  Wanna share?
(If you aren't in the USA do you have any special  things you do only in summer?)
6.  Do you store away your winter clothing or does it stay put all year long ?

My favorite summer supper is tuna salad.  I like to use Albacore tuna mixed with mayonnaise ,celery and onion  and serve it on top of a bed of  greens and  use some tiny tomatoes around it.  Sometimes I add a bit of tiny pasta to the tuna mix as well.    Adds some body and makes it more of a dinner.
I like to have iced tea with this in a tall glass packed with ice and fresh lemon wedges.
For dessert I like real key lime pie.
Here is a recipe for a very nice summer drink:

These are wonderful for kids and you on hot summer days.
Grab the milk and ice cream ....
Here's How
Pour 3oz of chocolate syrup in a large fountain style glass. 

Ubet chocolate syrup makes the best.
Fill the glass nearly half full with icy cold seltzer or club soda and stir it very well.

Add 1 or 2 scoops vanilla ice cream and watch the foaming begin.
Fill with more ice cream if you can manage it and top with Whipped cream.
Without the ice cream this is the recipe for an Egg Cream which is an old New York City favorite from long ago.  No one knows why it's called an egg cream but it just is!

I associate the movie A Summer Place with summertime and I love the theme song.  It starred Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue.  Was quite the hit in it's day and it is still a great movie.  I love old movies.
As for a book there is the Starlight Drive In by Marjorie Reynolds.  It is a decent read.
In summer I plan to watch the  British detective programs that Toni referred to and catch up on other programs I have not been watching at all.  I will resume watching Pretty Little Liars with the Famous Anonymous.
Summer is her piano recital time, and for the 4th we usually picnic by the water, swim and then watch the fireworks.
Our favortie place to go was destroyed by hurricane Sandy, but we went to the creek last year and have a wonderful day.
I don't have any place to store anything because my home is so tiny!  It is just barely over 1000 square feet. It really is a cottage!
Now it's your turn. Share.. share!!!


  1. I'm glad your daughter got home okay. I remember many years ago visiting SF and seeking Alcatraz and the Golden Gate bridge. I was fascinated with the steep and winding streets there.
    Oh goody - another meme. I'll get right on it today or tomorrow.

  2. Happy Sunday Annie; Thank goodness all turned out well and your returned home safe & sound. I love this week's meme. It made me change my blog's graphic theme. I too added recipes with it. I'm really enjoying doing your meme. I used to love egg creams and always ordered a vanilla one. My ex's parents owned a candy store with a soda fountain in the Bronx and mine was always free.. LOL! Have a great beginning of the week my friend. Hugs

  3. can't believe I missed adding "daughter" before returned home. ;-}

  4. Glad your daughter got home okay, Annie. I have spent only two summers in the USA, but on the 4th of July I loved to see the fireworks near the ocean. :)


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