May 23, 2014

Raining Cats and Dogs

It has been raining cats and dogs the last few days.

Yesterday morning we awoke to rolling thunder that lasted for hours and while it is not raining now it might rain tomorrow as well.
Monday is Memorial Day and the unofficial start of summer at the beach.
People return from Florida to open their summer homes and we begin to get an influx of tourists and day trippers here at our beaches.

 So far I have no plans for Monday at all and will probably just spend the day playing a game or reading quietly.

 I'll leave you with a photo of a ferry ride from the city to home in NJ.
You can see the new Freedom Tower taking the place of the World Trade Center.
My daughter took it Tuesday morning.
She stayed overnight Monday for a lecture she was giving in the city.  Easier to stay over than commute when your day has to begin very early.

I will have a new Meme for the week probably on Sunday.
If you decide to join in, please let me know in comments and I will list the names of those joining.
It is small right now but if everyone visits the blogs of those joining in we can increase blogging .


  1. Hi Annie, I just posted my meme with links to more pictures. I enjoyed the picture. Have a great weekend! Hugs

  2. Great photo, Annie! The last time I was in NYC, the World Trade Center was just being built. Long time ago. I'm spending a quiet Memorial Day too. Here in Florida, we are beginning to see the "snow birds" leave and go back up north. Have a great weekend! Looking forward to your meme.

  3. Hi Annie, Happy Memorial Day weekend. :) I hope someday I can go to NYC, it is a dreams of mine.

  4. Happy Memorial Day to you. The husband and I are spending a quiet day at home. Doing a little gardening and mostly resting and reading.

  5. Hi Annie, Hope Memorial Day was a lovely day spent for you. I spent mine with family at a state park and came home red as a lobster. I love that photo and miss the ferry rides we use to take.
    Yes! I will aways participate in your memes. As you know, I love doing them. Have a lovely day ahead my friend. Hugs


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