June 20, 2014

On a High Note...

I started singing lessons when I was 14 and continued beyond high school.
A few nasty cases of what was called 'quinsy'( peritonsillar abscess) made sure my voice remained in the realm of the average, though I am sure it never was  more than average to begin with either.  

My teacher was stellar, however, and sang with the chorus of the Metropolitan Opera (no small feat)  and gave me a life long love of opera and the glorious beauty of the human voice.
Her voice could blow you out of the room! Opera singers don't need microphones for volume.

I listen to the great arias once in a while and happened upon this beautiful celebration of Dame Joan Sutherland's stellar coloratura soprano.
Dame Sutherland, born and raised in Australia,  passed on in 2010 but what a legacy of music she has left behind for us to enjoy.
During her lifetime Italian opera critics, some of the toughest in the world, nicknamed her 'La Stupenda', stupendous!
Luciano Pavarotti called her voice like being in 'heaven' and that she had the 'voice of the century'. 

Her father was a Scottish tailor and her mother was a  mezzo soprano who taught Joan to sing but was herself too shy for the stage.

Let's end the week on a high note with the top ten E flats of her career.
Simply beautiful.

I hope you have a simply beautiful end to the week.


  1. I hope you too have a wonderful weekend. I was late doing the meme, but it is done now. I had a cousin that sang at the Met. She had a stage name. Her real last name was Stout and I guess that didn't sound very special lol

  2. I love music. I had heard of Joan Sutherland before. Amazing voice. Hope have a lovely weekend!

  3. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing the amazing voice of Joan Sutherland !

  4. Good Morning my dear and sweet Annie, I also love singing and sing since I was a child, another thing we have in common ;) !
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful voice, I wish you too a lovely weekend, sending hugs <3

  5. That was absolutely beautiful. Thank-you for sharing that beautiful voice! :) Hope you are having a great weekend. ((BIG HUGS))!!

  6. Hi Annie; As much as I love to sing I have no voice for it. :) I do have an ear for music I've been told. I too love opera and Joan Sutherland was always a favorite. Thank you for sharing the video. Hugs


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