June 12, 2014

Shadow Box for Jewelry

I  finally found a nice way to store my longer pieces of jewelry.
Some were inherited and some given to me and a few I found for myself but I had no nice way to store them so they would not tangle, etc.

Other things hang from a large wooden goose I painted many years go.  One day I will take a photo of that as well.

I decided that a good way to do it would be with shadow boxes that I found at Home Goods.
I just put some hangers inside and hung the shadow box on the wall.
Easy and quick and it makes a nice place for longer necklaces etc.
One would be nice for bracelets or even earrings.
However, I think more than one or two would be a bit much.

The wooden frame can be painted any color you like and you can even replace the interior material.
I liked it  as it was and so I left it in the original finish.
These shadow boxes come in much larger  sizes as well.

There are some mementos and letters pinned onto the material behind the jewelry to add interest.


  1. Hi Annie; What a lovely idea and the shadow boxes with your jewelry look great. I gave most of my jewelry to my daughter when I moved 8 years ago to CA. I've never replaced any as it would be way too expensive now. :) Enjoy the rest of the day. Hugs

  2. Thank you, Annie! I have the same problem and was even looking on Ebay to see what they might have as a necklace hanger. What a pretty idea and it looks so nice hanging there! I'll have to check out our local Hobby Lobby and see if they have something like that! Hugs

  3. What a lovely idea, my sweet Annie, actually it's not always easy to find a place for long jewelry, thank you for this suggestion !
    Sending much love xox

  4. What a great idea Annie! I will have to try that when we move. We been taking lots of things down from the walls. I had to move my jewelry box to a new location during this selling period. Pray our house sells soon.


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