August 7, 2014

Thusday Doings

My daughter's company does beach clean up as a way to help out the communities and on Take Your Daughter to work day the Famous Anonymous joined her.
 They are the two shorties (both are tiny)  in red shirts with long dark hair in the foreground of the photo.
Famous on left, daughter on right

 It is so important to keep what we have been given safe and clean and improve it when we can as well.

What a gorgeous day it is here today. 81F and lower humidity, sun shining, skies are bright blue and the tourists are happy!

Today was my last day of physical therapy for this year.
I have been in PT for over a year now and it is a year and 3 months since my spinal surgery.
Physical therapy has to be one of the most important parts of getting well that I can think of.  I can't imagine where I would be without it.  The improvement in my strength and abilities are night and day.
It was hard to say good bye to the wonderful team of therapists who helped me so very much.   I really hate to stop going.

I can begin again after January if the surgeon thinks I need more but in the meantime they have set up a home program for me to do on my own.   I was doing some exercises before  in between visits but, this is a bit more intense.

I am joining in Toni's Meme today:

#10 Time Tells All (Fill In The Blanks)

1. It's 9:00 AM Sunday and I'm usually having breakfast and reading the news at this time.

2. It's Noon On Monday and I'm usually having my lunch at this time.

3. It's 8:00 PM Wednesday and I'm usually doing  bible study or reading  at this time.

4. It's 5:30 PM Friday and I'm usually getting ready for the Sabbath  at this time.

This weeks ask and answer will be up tomorrow giving you plenty of time to consider answers.
Have a great evening!

Oh.. by the way. The 'sand dunes' in the photo in the last post are not real dunes. That is sand deposited by hurricane Sandy on the park grounds.  The park is a small island surrounded by bay and just across from our barrier islands.  Waves there assaulted the park and destroyed much of it.  Those piles of sand are just part of what was dumped there by nature during that awful storm.   We are a little community so work on removing the sand is slow as it is expensive.
On the barrier islands we do have real ones that are huge and very pretty.  Come to NJ for a vacation sometime and see!


  1. What a great thing to do & especially to share with your daughter!

  2. Hi Annie!! Sounds like a perfect day for a beach clean-up. How wonderful they are doing that.
    I am so glad you are doing better from your spinal surgery. YIKES!!
    Great meme answers, it is so fun to see what everyone is up to at these certain times.
    Have a nice day!!

  3. Hi Annie! So wonderful that your daughter & granddaughter 'give back' to the community. This is so important. You've been in therapy such a long time! I can see how you'd get attached to the drs & therapists. I'm so happy that you're doing well! Have a wonderful evening Annie. Hugs

  4. Hi Annie! Can you believe the beautiful weather that we've been having? It's supposed to last for a while. So awesome that your daughter and granddaughter participate in beach cleanup. It's important! Congratulations on it being your last day of physical therapy until next year. That's really good news that you're strong enough to get away from it for a while. Yay! I enjoyed your meme answers. I look forward to your meme! Hugs

  5. Hi Annie; Like the others, I too think it's wonderful your daughter's company help out the community by doing beach cleanup and that both your daughter and granddaughter participated. A "tip-o-the-hat" to them; Thank you for doing the T4M. Enjoyed reading your answers. I'm so glad PT has helped you. I can't believe it's been over a year already. Have a lovely weekend my friend. Hugs.

  6. That's great that your daughter's company does that. You can't beat a small community for helping each other. I'm glad that physical therapy has helped you so much. Have a great day! Hugs


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