October 24, 2014

End of the Week and a Meme

Another week has gone by and with it a Nor'easter has left the area.
It had stalled over the area and it rained for a week with little let up. Today is the first sunny day in a long time.
On the upside my ponds have a rain fueled water change, which is always nice.
 On the down side it hurts the spine a bit when the barometer goes wild and the humidity goes way up.  Chilly temps are no problem if the humidity is low.

Here is this week's meme.
I do hope you will all take part.
I find that doing some of these helps me take stock of what I do in my own life.  Sometimes we do things and don't really have a true sense of what we are doing.    Taking stock and making lists can help gain a good view of how you live your life.

How Do You Do Stuff Around the House?

1. Wash floors:  with string mop? Swiffer, Shark? Sponge mop?
I would love a shark with steam but I use a swiffer in the house though not in the kitchen as I have a stone floor and I find Swiffer leaves it slippery.  I could wait until it dries but I find I have to use the kitchen so often after washing the floor.    It never fails!!
In the kitchen I use boiling water which I throw on the floor ... about a cup of so.. then I mop up that area and move on to the next.  I think a shark would do this in an easier manner.

2. Dust:  Using a wooly duster? Feather? Rag?Any special way?

I use a wooly duster and rags to dust. Sometimes I use a dusting product like Endust.

3. Clean sink/ tub/showers:

I use Clorox Bleach spray in the kitchen every day.  I use a wire rack and rubber mat in the sink to keep things above the floor of the sink.
I clean the bathroom sink with Lysol bathroom cleaner and also in the shower,etc.
I spray the shower pan and toilet area with Lysol spray.

4.keep the House Smelling Fresh:
by keeping it clean and neat. Opening windows every few days to air things out even on the coldest of days for a little while.  
I also use Glade Plugins in my wall outlets.  Current scent is Shenandoah for fall.  You can smell them all over the house.
In my bedroom I keep a potpourri from Marilyn Miglin that is sprayed with her Pheromone Perfume.
 In the bathroom I keep the drugstore type spray colognes (Calgon or Body Fantasy) and spray the shower curtains and towels.  It does the trick and everyone loves the scents in my home. I buy them when they are on sale at CVS or Rite Aid.
I use very little so they last for a super long time.

5. Vacuuming:
     Do you use floor scented powder?  How often do you vacuum?
I don't use those powder as I feel they make a mess under the carpet. I just don't like them.
I can't vacuum or mop really so I have my kids help with that.
I have only one area carpet in the living room which gets vacuumed every few days. The whole house gets a good going over twice a week if I am lucky.  Lately, because I can't do it anymore its once a  week.
You can be zealous when it is you doing it but not so much if you ask others.

Which brings up a topic dear to my heart: getting tired of doing good for others.
We have all done that. We get weary of doing good.  It can get old in a hurry but it is something to fight against.  Our bodies get tired and worn from it.
I have had a ring side seat for needing others to help me do so many things.  Trust me, it is NOT easy to ask others for help.  You can often see the weariness in their eyes.  This has taught me a lesson I pass on to you.  Never grow tired of doing good for someone else.
I had to take care of my mother who was bed  ridden for 10 years.  She was totally unable to use the bathroom and I had to clean all that as well.
I had no dryer at the time so all sheets and bed clothing had to be washed and hung outside in all weather daily.  
I learned that it was harder on her feelings than on my own and that wised me up fast.
One day, while out taking a break and feeling sorry for myself that I had so very much responsibility, the thought crossed my mind that God takes care of millions daily even those  who hate Him or deny Him!
He never tires of it and neither should we.
We learn from the things we go through and maybe we should pass it on if we can.

I will be around visiting tomorrow evening.


  1. Annie, I loved the comments about caring for your mother. My mother is not bed bound but requires a bit of help, especially with her memory and thinking processes. Sometimes, it is hard because I've had to put a lot of my dreams on hold because of this. God has been good though. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Hugs

  2. I mop the floors with a string mop, and sometimes I use swiffer. Alas, I also need to vacuum in the bedrooms as we have carpeting in there (that I hate, suffering of dust allergies!). I use a wooly duster for the furniture. How nice that your kids help you! :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts on never growing tired of doing good. :)

  3. I use the vacuum cleaner every two days, so necessary to remove dust especially when the heating is on .. and every morning I use a cloth like Swiffer on my wooden floors because Giuliano and Filippo are long-haired cats; I love keep the windows open quite often even when the weather is cold to ventilate the rooms and put perfumed sachets, those for the drawers, behind the furniture, one for each room with a different scent, so that a slight unique scent spreads in the air.
    And of course, I have old waxed furniture to keep cleaned from dust every morning using a woolen cloth.
    That's my daily cleaning 'program', if there's nothing more important to do !
    Thank you dear Annie for this meme, I love to know you more and more !!
    Have a wonderful new week


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