December 3, 2014

Tuesday Meme and a Chat

We've had a busy time around here.
 My daughter had a birthday and the Famous Anonymous Kid had her's on Monday.
Garfield says "Hi"
 November and December are busy birthday months for our family.

 The weather here has been frosty and sleety/rainy and that lays me low.
My spine is growing bone and will be for a long time yet.
It is 18 months since my surgery and I am still healing.   It takes years actually, as bones must grow around the metal rods etc.  They actually ground up some of my own vertebrae, mix them with a medium and plaster it around the metal to grow.
I had extensive surgery from the tail bone up to the middle of my back.
While they can fix the collapse of the spinal bones  they cannot fix the arthritis that resulted from an injury and caused the collapse of the vertebrae.
For the arthritis I need a good attitude and my orthopedic surgeon recommends I use osteo biflex which helps tremendously.
"Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones." Prov. 16

Bad weather and changing atmospheric pressure cause discomfort and make me feel bad all over sometimes, so please pardon my absence.  It just can be hard to sit for long enough to post.

I am still working on the blog's winter theme.  Slowly but surely I hope to get it done soon.

I am joining in Toni's meme this week.

#27 Holiday Favorites

1.   Favorite Holiday?:
      Fourth of July   

2.   Favorite Holiday Character?:
      Uncle Sam..4th of July

3.   Favorite Holiday Dish?:
      Potato salad and my homemade stuffing

4.   Favorite Holiday Weather?:


  1. Hi,Annie. I'm glad to see you checking in here. I can't imagine the discomfort you must feel in damp, cold weather. It has been a long time since surgery! I'm still amazed that God created a body that can create bone around metal. Stay warm and check in here when you can. Praying for you.

  2. Hi Annie, sorry you are in pain. I do not how weather can mess us up as I have arthritis too. I hope you eel better soon. Cute picture of Garfield. Hugs

  3. Hi Annie, I'm caught up here now. So enjoyed all your wonderful posts! I agree with what you say in the national anthem post. I so wish our nation would return back to what our country was founded & built upon. We have forgotten, & are getting further away :( We were/are so blessed as a nation, & most don't realize why.

    I'm so sorry your back is bothering you. Praying the weather doesn't affect it too greatly. Sending you big hugs! And a squeeze for Garfield! He is adorable!

  4. I am so sorry to read that you are in pain again. Hopefully the winter weather won't aggravate the pain. Your Garfield is a cutie, so adorable! :)


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