February 9, 2016

A Little Story

For years my mother was given Francis Gay's Friendship book by a friend of hers from Glasgow.
To my knowledge my mother did not really read them but I devoured them when they came. I just loved them.
This little inspiring story came from the pages of  one of Francis Gay's Friendship books
 I have paraphrased it.

A certain woman was working in the inner city and was visiting an elderly woman who lived in a dingy back room.
"I am praying for God to allow me to have a cleaner and brighter place to live," the old lady said. "Right" said the visiting lady. "Let's get down to it".
The elderly lady thought that the visitor meant that she was going to pray for her.   Instead, the visitor got  down on her knees and began to scrub the floors and clean the house.


  1. Sometimes , the greatest gift is of our time and ourselves . The visitor actually listened to her hostess and acted on the request . This article dove-tails with your previous clean house strategy of "clean as you go ".
    Hopefully , we dodged the 2-4" of predicted snow today...stay warm and comfortable , my friend !

  2. A great story! Simple but very effective.

  3. What a nice story, my darling !
    Have a blessed day and thank you for this lovely anecdote,
    sending dear hugs to you across the Ocean,
    with so much love


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