February 6, 2016

Home Keeping:: Being Neat and Organized

H ow can you keep your home organized and clean?
I use the McDonald's crew method which is to clean as you go.
It really works!
Cleaning as you go involves putting things away the second you are done with them. As you cook, wash the utensils you are done with. Don't wait til the entire job is done. It will look overwhelming and be harder to manage for you.
 It takes a few seconds only to clean as you go.
Wipe up spills as they happen. Keep the stove top clean as you cook by wiping immediately if possible.
 Teach Kids
Teach children to play with one toy at a time and to put it away when they take out another.
Never let them develop poor habits like leaving blocks, books and game parts all over the house.  It will reflect on their personality and work habits later on.
Parenting is hard work.
Work with them because they have no clue how to clean up and it can seem overwhelming to little ones. They are smart though and catch on very fast!
Teach them pride in an orderly and neat room.
Don't allow them to play from room to room without cleaning as they go.
Best of all set them an example.

  Hang Your Clothing Up!

When you change clothing hang it up immediately or put it in the hamper right away.
Never leave clothing lying around. You paid good hard earned money for it. Show it some respect.
Do your laundry regularly and daily if you have a big enough family.
Learn how to fold things properly.  You Tube has videos to show you the best methods of folding everything!  It saves space and to me gives such a great feeling of satisfaction to have things neat and clean and well organized.
Fold things as soon as they leave the dryer or the clothes line.

 Put your shoes away.
Have a shoe bag or a shoe cabinet and keep your shoes in them. Don't let them litter the floor.
Even a basket in the closet is preferable to loose shoes all over the place.

On the left is one is one I would love to have from Ikea.
 I would put it by my front door for shoes and the top drawer can hold keys and glasses, etc
Saving up for it now as a matter of fact.
These achievements are like medicine to the mind.

Over the door shoe bags are great for hanging anywhere you need extra storage and not just for shoes.
Put them in a pantry to hold small food packages.

In the bathroom they can hold sponges, soaps, brushes, washcloths, etc.
They will hold small tools too.
 Never leave things on the floor. Pick them up and put them away immediately.
Have a specific place for your keys, purse, coats, shoes and put them there each and every time you use them without exception, without fail.
Right there your home will always be tidy.
Remember Where You Put Things
If you have trouble recalling where you put things, put them down and say out loud where you are putting it.  For instance, as you put your book on the hall table say, "I am placing this book on the hall table."
It does work for anyone who is busy enough to be forgetful and it especially helpful for senior citizens.  I have seen it work wonders for  kids especially!.

Don't give yourself excuses

 Get to work and do the job without using kids, jobs etc. as excuses.
As Solomon said, "whatever your hand finds to do,do it with all of your might".  It works and it develops character.
The universe is designed with order, not chaos. Everything is in order. We should follow that design in our lives.
Another good tip is to 'make hay while the sun shines'.

That expression comes from farming.  You have to bale hay while the sun is shining or it will get moldy.  So you 'make hay" on sunny days rounding the top to ward off the rain.  
If you are disabled, working, have little kids, etc, but sure to make very good use of what time you have and that way nothing gets out of hand.


Clear out the clutter!

Get rid of the excess sentimental stuff too. If you don't your heirs will and they won't care where it goes. So dispose of it yourself and feel better about it.
You won't miss what you hardly ever see.

You rarely need more than one of most things so get rid of duplicates.

Clean out books and magazines. Keep only what you truly love and give the rest away to someone who may want them.

         No More Junk Drawers!

Get rid of a 'junk drawer'.  You don't need junk in your life Everything in that drawer can be put in a proper place and what can't is junk and belongs in the trash bin.
 Keep what you have organized and neat.

If you keep scissors, tape and etc in a drawer then call it a craft drawer but dump the bottle caps, used screws, and other miscellaneous things you will never use in a million years.

                                                   Peace and Satisfaction

You can do it. and you will be glad you did when you see what peace it produces in your life.
Work and orderly neatness in your surroundings, inside and outside the house,  promote  a healthy way of thinking .


  1. Good Morning !
    What good advice !
    I do tend to put off the project that has grown too daunting to begin .Breaking it down to small bits that fit into the time available gets it done fairly painlessly .
    Thank you !
    Hoping you are well and comfortable , my friend...

  2. Annie, what great ideas here! I've bookmarked this post to refer to later. I feel so disorganized when there is a mess around me. This has definitely given me some good ideas. Have a great day.

  3. Great article Annie! I am my own worse enemy because of my ADD. But I am getting better, especially with my new home. I always taught my kids to pick up after themselves. Hubby is a clean freak so if I miss out, he takes over. :) Happy Sunday!

  4. I love this post, my dearest one !
    I read it in one breath, I truly enjoyed it so very much, thank you for sharing your ideas, your advices and your way of life, sweetie !

    Have a blessed new week,
    thinking of you I'm sending so many big hugs across the miles,
    with love


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