February 26, 2016

Inaugural Gowns

A look at some of the first ladies inaugural gowns.
What do you think of them?

Martha Washington's Inaugural gown.

Martha's wedding shoes

Martha "Patsy" Dandridge Custis Washington

Mamie Eisenhower in her Inaugural Pink jewel studded gown. This pink became all the rage in America in the 50's and was called Mamie Pink!   It was in homes and fashion all across the nation.

The Eisenhower's pink bedroom in their Gettysburg home.

Helen Taft's Inaugural ball gown

President and Mrs. Eisenhower at the Inaugural ball.

Pat Nixon in her gem studded inaugural gown. 

President and Mrs. John F. Kennedy at Inaugural ball.

President and Mrs. Clinton,  first Inaugural ball

2nd Inaugural gown

Laura Bush 

Roselyn Carter in her gown

President and Mrs. Ronald Reagan

Claudia "Lady Bird" Johnson  inaugural coat 
Michelle Obama first inauguration gown

2nd  Michele Obama Inaugural gown, which people thought looked like a bedspread.
hmm...what do you think?

And just because... I believe this is a Carolina Herrera for Nancy Reagan.  
It isn't an inaugural gown but Herrera is my favorite designer so I threw this in for the heck of it. 
I love her signature pockets and cinched waists with full skirts!

Frances Cleveland's gown.
 Wife of President Grover Cleveland


  1. Amazing gowns! Martha Washington's gown is beautiful. It must be amazing wearing a gown like these! EPCOT at Disney World has an exhibit section in it's American Adventure pavillion that has a couple inaugural gowns. Martha Washington was a stunning beauty when she was younger! Hope your weather isn't causing you too much grief, my friend.

  2. These are so very beautiful !Thank you for reminding us that it is not only possible,but necessary,that women in places of authority dress in elegant,lady-like clothing.They are to be appropriate reflections of the dignity and respect for their offices and for their country...something for us to aspire to in our own clothing choices.We can't afford the jewel encrusted,nor designer gowns,but self respect can dictate flattering,lovely styles.(not a fan of the red dress nor the bedspread)

  3. What a stunning post, my darling Annie, you know how much I love this kind of topics !

    With so, so much gratitude I wish you a most wonderful remainder of your weekend
    sending such a lot love to you

  4. My very favorite is Frances Cleveland's gown. Maybe because it's green and yellow? ;)



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