February 24, 2016

Quiet Day

Gales have been happening every single day.
Craft warnings are up all the time  but inside it is quiet.
I swear it is more like March than February with the winds and gales.
In this photo you can see the size of the wave from the shadow it is casting on shore.
I am staying inside and listening to my OTR crime time or hearing lectures on youtube as I do some work on the 'puter. Nothing big. Nothing exciting but sometimes thats for the best!
Tuesday night is still our get together for dinner and Pretty Little Liars though we were disappointed with last season and hoping for better this year. So far it  is going okay.

My daughter's company recently went to  Escape the Room New York. They lock you in a room and you have to find clues to get out again. Its all very 40s inside the locked room.
Only 20% make it out in the time allowed and her group beat the time.
 You can see what its about here.
 She said it was really a great way to spend an afternoon.
Looking out at the ocean.


  1. After "challenging" days , quiet time at home is absolutely the best !
    ...so nice to be in with familiar,comforting things and good friends a phone call away.
    Have a comfortable,warm,satisfying and peaceful day !

  2. A lovely photo! I like a stormy sea (as long as it stays away from my house!). The "Escape the Room New York" thing sounds very interesting. I'll have to check out your link. I'm glad that despite gale warnings, you are okay. We are under a tornado watch right now for the next hour. Have a good day, my friend.

    1. We are now on a tornado watch as well (Wed Nite). This is the oddest weather I have ever seen.

  3. Hi Annie, love that photo, so beautiful. We are having heavy rain right now and it's supposed to turn to snow. Keep safe and warm! HUGS

  4. How lovely is to watch the Ocean in your wonderful pictures, my dearest Annie !
    As for your daughter I'm sure she's having a great fun !
    Enjoy the end of your week, sweetie,
    sending so much love to you


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