February 8, 2016

Winter Pond Reflections

We have had more gale warnings up this winter than I can ever recall.
The winds last night were fierce and the gale blew all night long.
It is windy this morning but a bit sunny.
The bay was in a tempest but the pond remained somewhat serene.


  1. Would you believe that we are also under gale warnings until Wednesday? I don't know how much it will affect me since I'm about 20 miles in from the coast. Stay safe. You certainly have had your share of windy conditions!

  2. I hope you're safe and warm, Annie.

    The post about housekeeping was right on the money. The only thing I can never get ahold on is the junk drawer. It's a mess, but an organized one lol


  3. lovely photo...
    fishies look content and beautiful...
    I do enjoy your work !

  4. Hi Annie. It's reallly windy here too! Has been for days! Thankfully we also have sunshine but our warm temps have taken a vacation. Hi in the 60's today. Bummer! Stay warm!! Hugz!

  5. What amazing shot, and what a wonderful painting of yours you've put as header, you're truly an artist, my darling !!!

    Have a blessed remainder of your week, my sweetest Annie,
    thinking of you with so much sincere love


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