May 25, 2016

Make Your Own Lavender Linen Spray

You can make your linen closet smell like spring all year long and freshen up your bed before sleep
Lavender in Provence, France
This is a lovely way to make your house more of a welcoming home.
I love to use scents that relax the mind and body and help with sleep.
Lavender essential oil is great if you are having problems with sleep. Y
ou just rub a drop or two onto the soles of your footsies and off you go to dreamland.
Just be sure it is  real and approved for use on the body.

1 teaspoon (100 drops) lavender essential oil
5-10 drops peppermint, spearmint or rosemary essential oil (optional)
2 oz. 80+ proof vodka
24 oz. distilled water
Pour essential oils and vodka into a bottle, cap and shake to emulsion. Mix with distilled water. It will cloud up but it will clear after a bit so don't worry. Shake well before each use

Here is another recipe for it:
Essential oil (try lavender or rose for traditional scents, jasmine or plumeria blossom for exotic scents)
90 ml (approx. 3 oz)non-flavored, high proof vodka
750 ml (approx. 25 oz) distilled water Mix and place in clean spray bottle, Shake before each use.

Lavender repels  moths but you can also use plumeria and other scents like jasmine or rose, violet!
Lavender, essential oil that is safe for placing directly on the body is perfect for women's hormonal problems such as menopause.


  1. Hi, Annie. I love lavender oils! Thanks for the tips.
    I want to ask you how you make your sounds of the sea play automatically. I found on Youtube and embedded it but you have to click on it to get it to play. I just love the sound! Thank you, my friend.

    1. Give me a few minutes to write it up and I will post it for you :)

  2. I so love the scent of lavander and your hints are so very welcome, my adorable friend, I'd love to try both of them ... which one do you prepare and use mostly ?
    Let me know, my lovely !!!

    Enjoy the remainder of your week, sweetie, sending my dearest love to you


    1. Ciao cara!
      I have used the 2nd one Dany. Use 40-50 drops of pure lavender or until you like the scent.


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