May 18, 2016

The Unseen Hand

Sometimes we don't seem to be getting anywhere in life.
You move ahead, you think, but, then, when you look around it seems you are in the same place you were before.
Situations can be frustrating and seemingly endless.
 Trying to find your way in life, the right job, the right school, your niche in life, a way out of a tricky situation,  can seem frustrating and many times it leaves a person down hearted or upset.

And, many times,  just when you think you are making progress,  an unseen hand steps in and blocks the way!
Maybe you were going  off in the wrong direction.
I believe that when you trust God , he does what is right for you even when there is no way you can see or imagine that.

 Answers are not always what you want  them to be nor do they always happen  the way you think they should  and they can often come in a way you never expected.

 So when the roadblocks of life show up and things seem difficult and impossible to understand,  maybe its time to think that the unseen hand has placed difficulties there for your own good.

 One day, down the road, you will look back and see what it was all about.
When you look at life you see what looks like the back of needlework: a tangled mess.
You don't get the complete front view until the project is done.



  1. Thanks, Annie for this. I certainly identify right now.

  2. Life can be tough but we must take it day by day and concentrate on what is good and positive. We are not alone either.


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