June 30, 2016

A Little Fountain You Can Make

This is a reposting of an old article.from July 2012 .
 This is great feng shui for  your home also!
You could  make a small "spring" that will attract birds and small animals and provide good "chi" to your environment.

You need a heavy duty plastic bucket or galvanized tub etc...not too deep, a little pond pump.. they cost around 10-35 dollars.. some wide metal meshing called hardware cloth. rocks and pebbles and you have the makings.

Bury the bucket in the ground. and place the small pump inside .. it should come with a long tube so that the water can splash above the little "spring". Heads usually can be bought or come  with it to create various looks for the fountain.
Place the pump  in the bottom, use a flat rock to elevate it if you need to and fill it with water. Plug it in and test it.
The take the hardware cloth and place it over the top of the bucket which is buried in the ground. You will have to make a hole in it for a short piece of the tube to poke through a little.
Bend back the sharp ends!
Now, cover the mesh with small pebbles and rock in a pretty fashion..and make it look as if its part of the landscape.
Add flowers or plants around it.
 Now when you turn on your *spring* it will look as if water is bubbling up out of the ground. The water will bubble up, and splash down thru the stones and mesh into the bucket to be recycled up again.

Here is a version.. this one has a large fountaining effect..but you can adjust the flow so its not so huge. If its a simple little bubbling effect birds and small animals will come to drink and you will love watching them.

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  1. There is something so comforting about the sound of water,in all its varieties.This is a great way to do it yourself !So simple and pretty . You bring us the neatest things!!


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