July 5, 2016

Broken Pots and Questions
a 2nd post for today

Here is what to do with a huge broken pot:

Sadie posted these questions and I will give them a try.
Perhaps you would like to try answering them too.

   1. We don’t  always find the time to actually read other  blogs.
      Oh, no.  I do find time unless I am ill or not around.
      I am at home  most of the time  and reading  blogs is important social contact for me.                           It is like visiting friends and I love it.
      What gives me trouble is commenting as I never quite know what to say.
       I come back and revisit sometimes and comment then.

   2. We also don’t always enjoy blogging. 
       I enjoy it quite a lot actually.
       It is a nice creative outlet for me. I get to use my paintings as headers most of the time.
       I really enjoy redesigning the blog over and over and monkeying around with  the template to              make  it do what I want.
       What does happen is that I sometimes don't have fresh ideas for blogging.
        At that point I break for a few days to renew.

   3. Not all content makes the cut. 
        No, it doesn't.  How could it ?
        I have learned over time that not everything that comes to mind needs to be said or blogged                 about.

   4. We can’t always help the comparisons. 
      Comparisons aren't bad if you take things the right way.
      Healthy comparison is good but not if you take it  to extremes.
      Another person's lovely photos of home or garden can spur one on
      to work on things you need to do.
     That isn't bad at all.
     What is not good is envying and feeling less because someone
     has something  you do not. Never let that happen!

    5. Sometimes we want to complain.
       Of course and blogging can be a good way to air things out and get second opinions.
       There is nothing wrong with complaints if you are truly seeking answers or just need friends to            lend an ear.

  6. A good opportunity can make our day. 
     It can indeed. But what kind of opportunity is meant by this question?
     I take it to mean a chance to make a change.. make someone's day, add an interesting twist,
     share something, take a good photo, meet a new friend..

  7. Occasionally, we leave the camera at home on purpose. 
      No, I usually just forget.

  8. Personal photo editors should be a thing. 
    No, they shouldn't. Not for me anyway. I like doing things myself too much.
    I resize most of my photos as they are just huge.
    I use photoshop but rarely alter photos in any significant way.
    I have used Picmonkey to add frames. What a great source that is!
    It is all part of the creative process and sharing it with others is the best!

  9. We’re embarrassed of our older content. 
    Just  a way to see growth or lack thereof really. If something is embarrassing, just remove it.  
    No big deal.  Live and learn.  I'm too old for all the angst now. I just shrug and move along.

  10. Sorry we don’t always catch the typos.
   I do proof read but, yes, sometimes they slip on by.
  The farther I get out of school the worse my spelling becomes..sigh.

  11. We don’t always have the same interests.
        I can't stick to one subject on a blog. I have too many interests for that.
       If the question means we bloggers don't have the same interests, this is true and that is great.    
       I read home style blogs, makeup guru blogs, history blogs, political blogs... all kinds.

    12. Our flat lays are the only organised part of our rooms.
          No, for a person who is over 90% disabled my house is more organized than most.
          It has to be so I can manage and maneuver.
          I try to keep it that way and I clean every day.
          It is normal, not hyper organized and clutter happens in all homes but
          I keep on top of it all.
          Now, I can't do too much and need to use my 'reacher' and etc,
           but I get things done and keep on  top of things.  
          Bad days are another story and things can get out of control quickly.
          My kids help with things I can't do like vacuum etc.
          but I wash floors using a rag that I move around with my feet.
          I have become very inventive since I cannot lift, bend or twist at all.
          My house is only a bit over 1000 sq feet so it has to stay clean and organized or I am sunk!
          That being said, I have an old home in need of repairs so I take some shots 
          carefully avoiding the areas needing repair.
          Little by little things are getting done.
          With little ones at home, things can get piled up.  I am alone so it isn't hard.
           Until you've lived in someone else's shoes you can't judge what they do.

   13. We feel a bit lost without social media. 
       I would feel sad without my blog and other blogs to visit, yes.
       I genuinely like the bloggers I visit and read. It is sad when they are gone.

14. We often blog in our pyjamas. 
      My pyjamas go on right at bedtime and come off when I get up in the morning.
      I really do not like being around the house in them at all.

15. We also don’t all have a swanky blogging office. 
     I have a nice office. It isn't  'swanky' but I think it is very nice.
     It used to be a bedroom but with kids gone it has become my office and I opened up a wall to link      it with the living room .
     It is separated by a big Ikea bookcase that serves as a room divider
     and holds my everyday books.
     Other cases hold more serious books you might say.

Gratuitous blurry photo: (but I like it a lot ;)  )



  1. Hi Annie, I enjoyed my visit from you today. I liked how you changed things around. I like to changed my themes too. I visit my friends that have been around for awhile. Most people with Blogger get confused with my site and don't leave a tag. Enjoy your week. Hugs

  2. I really enjoyed your answers Annie. Blogging is such a personal thing, and different for everyone :O) Love that pot! x


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