July 12, 2016

"Take a Walk With Me"

T ake a walk with me, won't you?

I like this duck crossing sign and yes, they really do cross here.

We will take the back way through the salt marsh.
The Little's elementary school is close by here.
Osprey nests are all over the place:

Our walk takes us over the little bridge below
Actually we will cross quite a few on our way 

See? This one below is wooden

 And another bridge....

 Which way should we go?
We used to feed ducks here.

Opps, dead end,let's go the other way!

                          This is better. We can take the boardwalk on the bay for a bit.

A side detour to see the open bay and some of the lovely homes there

Let's head on  home now

Come on, its just down the road a ways.....

 We pass a lot of little docks...

We are almost home just a few more blocks to walk.
Thanks for coming along.


  1. What a wonderful gift!
    Thank you so much for happy memories brought to mind!
    My Mom and I used to take such walks with a good friend of ours.
    I miss my Mom and those walks together .
    Have a marvelous day , my friend !

    1. Hey... that friend was me! You, your mom and I used to walk the boards back when my legs really worked lol.
      Yup this was your neighborhood too back in the day.
      Now you just have to move back again.

    2. Those were such wonderful times...thank you for being part of our lives...then and now !

  2. Morning Annie; What a beautiful walk! I'm so glad I "came" along to enjoy it with you. :) I love bridges along with trains and lighthouses as you know by now. How I wish I could really walk like that each day. Have a blessed day ahead dear friend. Hugs

  3. I loved taking a walk with you! So pretty. Oh how I would love to see this area "in person"! Thank you for brightening my day.

  4. Good morning Annie! Thanks for the morning walk! So beautiful! I felt like I was sharing a beautiful time with you my friend! So peaceful! Enjoy your Thursday!

  5. Thanks for taking us along! I love your photos of the bridges and water and all the other scenery! Nicely captured.

  6. Hi Annie! DD iced coffee, is just iced coffee from Duncan Donuts! But since I wrote that, I have been looking for r pies to make it at home. Both my hubby and I love it on a hot evening!


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