April 17, 2017

Spitting Images and Time Gone By...

There is a photo of me taken by the Famous Anonymous Kid a few years ago that is on my profile on the right side of the blog.  Some have asked what I look like. It is a pretty good likeness of me.
But my Little is my spitting image at 9 years old.
These are my eyes.. this is my nose even today!
It is absolutely unreal to look at another face and see yourself looking back at you.
It blows me away frankly.
Here is The Little's photo from this past September.

I am trying to get back to posting more regularly.
The past few years have been very hard on me since the spinal surgery and the appearance of more damage to the spine since then.
Pain can just take everything out of you and it took a big toll on me and on my heart.
I literally had to change my life and as a result lost many friends who could not understand my silence, etc.  In reality I had little left over to give to people.
But other friends and family  hung in there come hell or high water understanding how bad my situation really was for me and I thank God for them.
My heart is now squared away and I am getting back on track once again.
I am in the process of undergoing more tests, MRI's and etc. to evaluate.  But right now the pain is extremely minimal for me and I am back up and walking.
It has been a few years of up and down.
Actually, I had little clue of how much time has passed and the last few years seem like one big year to me.
Time indeed flies by and I just did not notice much at all.

I hope everyone had a beautiful holiday season filled with meaning, love and light.


  1. {{{{Annie}}}} I was just sitting here wondering where you have been...my apologies if you posted something about your surgery...I am so behind. sigh. Keeping you in prayer, friend.

  2. SOOOO glad to see you posting again !!!
    You are highly valued and much missed , you dear soul , you .
    Our prayers are always with you.
    Be well , my dear friend !

  3. Hi Annie, I was at Pam's and saw that you had posted. I am sorry you have to go through so much and my prayers go out to you. I see a sparkle in the eyes of your grand daughter and I am sure she brings you must joy and my grand kids do. Take care, hugs!

  4. Annie, you are in my prayers. I understand chronic pain although mine is probably nowhere near what you are enduring. I'm glad that you have your heart issues squared away and that the pain is a bit relieved. It is at times like this that you find out your true friends. There are times when we have to retreat and just take care of ourselves and that sometimes means just being alone. I truly understand. Hugs.

  5. Oh Annie it's so nice to read your pain is extremely minimal now. You've been in my prayers my friend. I understand pain very well and have to talk myself into moving around. Take care and have a day of blessings dear Annie.

  6. I had no idea. I'm so glad your pain is low now and prayers that it will stay at bay. Thank you for your transparency. I understand how people don't want to stand by us when we're low....it's sad, but that tells us who we can count on, and not!


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