April 21, 2017

Stormy Days
Friday Foto Friends

Joining in for Debbie's  Friday Foto Friends.

Stormy day in my neighborhood.

On the bay:

In the small pond:

And in the big pond:

After watching the Famous Anonymous Kids Lacrosse game,(They Won!)
 I came home to a hot cup of coffee .  It is chilly today and stormy... a nice day for getting cozy.


  1. It's been a stormy day here, too. Really liked the video and the koi pond. Thanks for sharing and linking up today. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Lovely water photos. I enjoy seeing what other bloggers find interesting and pretty. Sometimes, a cuppa is the best way to deal with a stormy day!

  3. It was here late Thursday. Today (Saturday) it looks to be overcast and its quite chilly here in western NY. I so love the look here, Annie. smiles

    Keeping you in prayer.

  4. Lovely photos !
    Went to sleep last night to the sound of thunder and a downpour...so good for my small fishpond. So glad to see you back ! You're in our thoughts and prayers.
    Be well

  5. I love stormy days when I can just relax at home and be cozy. Lovely photos. We have been having rain here but not really storms. Have a blessed day.


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