June 18, 2017

Father's Day: Love in a Candy Box

Never found my Prince...   never even got a glimpse of him.
None of the men I met, dated or married were princes in any sense of the word, sadly.
But my father was a king.
Below I am posting a piece I wrote about my father many years ago but, it still is relevant.

My father was a romantic.
He loved my mother dearly and he loved her mother, who lived with us most of my life, very much also. He showed such a great deal of respect for her and for his own parents and as my maternal Grandmother said.."He is better to me than 20 sons".

My father was head chemist and vice president of a chemical company who for many reasons later opened a soda fountain/ice cream shop that eventually became a small stationary store in a tiny town, selling stationary to big business  and cards and school supplies from the main store.
He took a beating money wise later on from malls and the big stationary chain stores.
But he was honest to a fault and ever the romantic who learned constantly.  You never saw him without a scholarly work in his hands.

 He would bring home boxes of candy to my mother and grandmother sometimes after work as a treat, one I would share in.

Once, I remember him walking home without his brand new coat because he had given it to the town homeless guy.
"Its only a block walk. It's not that cold out"
He wore his old one from then on. It was just as good he said.  A candy box was  tucked under his arm for Mother.  He sat down to dinner as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

In my grandmothers bedroom , inside the closet on a shelf , were old candy boxes filled with her crochet work (she made fillet crochet that was amazing), news clippings of her friends deaths, births of grandchildren, marriages, etc., cards from holidays, mementos and tiny souvenirs of times past. One was used to house her "good gloves" and "my good scraves".

I once asked her why she saved all those boxes.
"Oh, " she said, "its a shame to waste things".
"Yes", I said, "but you could fit this all in one or two hat boxes".
She looked at me with those deep gray eyes , now half blind and said , "But there is so much love in these boxes".


  1. Beautiful! Your father sounds wonderful. As was mine.

  2. What a kind and gentle man :)
    Those of us who were fortunate enough to have been raised in households with dads such as these, are the luckiest in the world.
    I miss mine with a passion.

  3. Oh Annie! What a beautiful story and memory of your daddy! He sounds absolutely amazing! I hope you are doing well!


  4. Lovely header...
    lovely sentiments...
    For those who have lost our fathers,
    this is a bittersweet holiday.
    Missing him terribly
    and striving to be the woman he knew I would be .
    Be well,my dear friend !


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