October 27, 2017


F riday means Foto Friends.
You can join in at Debbie's place and there are so many good reasons to join in and share your photos with others.
Here are some photos I took with my phone this past week outside and inside....

In the yard Vinca grows like crazy.

My backyard woods

A congregation of fish

I liked the reflection of the Wisteria  in the pond.
And these were taken on a trip to  the mall:

Meanwhile inside the house:
Do you wonder what is inside drawers or under a cabinet?  I do.
I washed the bathroom floor and thought I'd take some photos.
Yes, I am weird.
Here is a look  at mine....

Rules for the Bathroom!
The bathroom? Yes, thats what it is.
What is under the sink?  Here is a peek. Now you know!
Whats in the drawer? Stuff of course.My daughter swears by the Rose Hibiscus water. It's $32  at Sephora but I find it at TJ Maxx for $6.00.  I get so much there.
I keep extra soap and washcloths here
Glimpses around the house:

 A section of the Afremov Painting. It seems to glow.

In the kitchen the counters need cleaning 👀

I just like this sign

I went by Boston once and might have gone as a little girl but I would like to visit again.

End of the week Sunset. I thought it was so pretty.

There you have it..the past week in photos.


  1. Lots of beautiful photos. I do like looking in drawers, lol. Mine do not look as neat as yours.

    1. I am disabled so having my house neat is absolutely a must if I want to be able to get to things :).

  2. Love all the pretty colors in your yard. Wish my drawers were as neat!

    1. The key to neat drawers and under cabinets is clearing out the clutter.
      My physical condition makes it imperative that things stay neater.

  3. I love your post, Annie...you are so lucky to have sink drawers in the bathroom, I have 2 plastic rolling tote drawers in ours. Thank you for the many smiles on this cold Friday morning in western NY. Oh and that sky looks so spooky.

    (p.s. batten down the hatches, I just read the NE will get a major storm this weekend. ducking, grinning)

    1. Just before our hospital times we get a major storm? Uh oh!
      It was cold here last night too Linda.
      I got that bathroom cab at Home Depot for around $120 with tax etc. They were a big lot buy and on deep sale.
      Before that I had a pedestal sink and used a white dresser to hold things.

  4. Great photos !
    Love the one of fishies cuddling
    for warmth and companionship.
    Neat drawers,dear!
    Enjoy your day,my friend...
    Be well !

  5. Oh my! I don't know what I loved the best...that sky at night looked so mysterious and interesting...it really caught my attention. But then you went and did the unbelievable! You actually showed us inside your bathroom cabinets and drawers!!! Now THAT was amazing! Did you clean them before taking the pictures? I can't imagine bathroom drawers,etc., looking so neat and tidy! I envy you for having such beautiful bathroom drawers inside and out!! Makes me want to go clean... I also love your kitchen cabinet...it looks interesting and homey...don't apologize. You live there and make memories there...so wonderful. I must also mention your beautiful painting at the header of this...You never cease to amaze me with your marvelous gift of artistry. Thank you for sharing it with us. I am in awe...and am thankful to know you here. Would love to know you in person as well. Have a blessed and glorious weekend.

    1. Glad you liked them. No, they are usually pretty neat as I don't have much in them. Same with the under bath cabinet. That's all I Keep there. Too much stuff leads to clutter and being disabled I have to have things in their place so I can reach them easily.
      Oh, Pamela I would love to know you in person too!!!

  6. Hello Annie,

    I enjoyed all of your pictures...but the picture of the congregation of fish was absolutely amazing! I enjoyed also viewing the inside of your home...love the bathroom rules. There are a couple of those that I'd to enforce here. haha Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Thanks. so glad you liked them. The fish seem to love being in a huddle!

  7. I had such a lovely time gazing through your inside/outside wonderful photos. Love your bathroom rules and the night view of the moon. You give great tours my friend. Have a blessed day ahead dear Annie.

    1. Thanks Toni. That sky was amazing so we pulled over so I could take a few pictures of it. Very spooky that night.

  8. I think I have commented before that I might be a little jealous of your surroundings! Trying hard not to be today. What beautiful pics. Those leaves. That sky. Those fishes! And then you show us the inside of your drawers and bottoms of your cabinets! Very bold! Very nice. I like your house and that ending rosy sunset is gorgeous! We went to Boston a couple of years ago. I would have liked to stay longer and see more, but my husband wasn't up to walking.

  9. I like your bathroom rules!! Enjoyed your pics and visiting with you today.

  10. I enjoyed getting a glimpse into your home. So neat and tidy. Love the sky fotos. Thanks so much for sharing and linking up today. Happy Friday to you!

  11. Your autumn colors are fabulous! And those skies--wow!


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