December 10, 2017

The Tiny Room

This room has heard a lot of laughter and seen a lot of smiles.
It has known good times and good food and the occasional sad time as well.
When fully expanded, the oak table holds a ton of happy people who gather round and talk for hours.
Though small, the tiny room has held children, elderly, dogs, cats and teen parties and did a good job each time, never complaining. It didn't say a word when one of it's lovely chairs was replaced by a highchair several times or when the piano bench was hauled in for extra guests.
It's hosted formal dinners with  glittering silver and crystal and beautiful tablecloths,
but it didn't mind the cardboard boxes of pizza or the endless games of Clue, Candy Land, chess and Monopoly.

It has seen more than it's share of homework and projects .  It doubles as a counter-top for cookie and pasta making  and even the chairs are patient when they hold long strings of freshly made pasta to dry!

Even small rooms can do great big things and make wonderful memories.

My little dining room


  1. We have a small room too that holds the dining area and living area...and it also has allowed for family gatherings, games and such. Thank you for the many smiles, Annie. I hope you have a lovely day, my friend and I love the header, always do.

  2. The rooms that expand to fill every need of a family can only exist in a house filled with love !
    Thank you for loving US !
    Hoping your day is joyful,my friend

  3. Small and pretty, it beckons you to come in and sit a while!!

  4. Truly a loving family room and a beautiful one at that. I love your furniture and description of the "Tiny Room" and your header is wonderful too. Have a day of blessings dear Annie.

  5. Looks perfectly lovely to me!

  6. Thanks for the reminder that small spaces can do great things :-)


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